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A great documentary can bring a subject to life. Chockadoc helps teachers and students delve further into subjects by offering a large selection of free documentaries. Over 2,000 documentaries are offered by Chockadoc. They range from biographies and other educational documentaries to those focused on sports and the performing arts.

Finding a Documentary

Finding a documentary is fairly easy. If you have a specific topic in mind, the search bar makes it easy to find what you are looking for, if there’s a documentary on that topic available. For example, a simple search for cats brings up the documentary “In the Womb: Cats.” At the bottom of each documentary page is also a “You may also like…” section which provides you with three different documentaries related to the one you just watched. This makes it easy to find similar documentaries or study a topic more in depth.

Sometimes the videos you may also like fit the topic well, however since they are based on keywords they do not always fit. For example, after watching a comedic documentary about television ruining a person’s life, the website suggested watching documentaries about the lives of mammals and the life of Muhammed.

Chockadoc main page

Odd "you may also like" suggestions

As you browse documentaries, a small box regularly pops up in the bottom right of the screen recommending other documentaries for you to watch. The recommendations only seem to be connected to the current category of documentary you are looking at and only serve as a distraction.

Recommended for You

A Large Selection

The selection of documentaries is vast. The majority of the 2,000 documentaries fall into four different categories: history, politics, science and society. However, the other 28 categories are also well-stocked. Within the selection of documentaries, you will find standard documentaries, such as “History of Football” and “Engineering an Empire,” and more unique documentaries, such as “Girt by Beards” and “How Beer Saved the World.”
If you want to watch a random documentary, you can check out the Random Doc option to be presented with a random documentary or check out the In Focus topic to find documentaries related to a random topic, such as free speech.

In Focus Section

Sharing and Discussing

By creating an account or connecting Chockadoc to Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you can share and discuss the documentaries you watch. While most of the documentaries offered by Chockadoc have only been viewed a few times and most do not contain any comments, you have the power to change it by sharing documentaries with your friends and starting up a conversation. You can also find popular documentaries and those that already have discussions going by searching the “Most Watched” and “Most Commented” sections, although most documentaries with comments only have one or two.

Even though all of the documentaries available through Chockadoc are also available on YouTube, Chockadoc’s organization and large selection makes it worth checking out. Because of the large selection, it can be a good tool for teachers to find documentaries to use in the classroom. Students and those who just enjoy random knowledge will also appreciate the selection of unique documentaries and could spend hours watching documentaries and learning new information.

Written October 3, 2012 by Stacy Zeiger


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