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Brightstorm.com - Free Math, Science And English Videos

When they leave school, students still often need help completing homework and other assignments. Brightstorm is designed to help students by offering free math, science and English videos from top teachers. The website also offers paid programs to help students with their math homework and provide test prep materials.


The videos offered by Brightstorm are created by actual teachers who use step-by-step explanations and diagrams to help explain difficult concepts. Instead of just telling students how to solve a certain type of problem or giving them information, they also take the time to explain areas where students typically make mistakes and discuss common areas of confusion. Each video is accompanied by a transcript and a Q&A section for students to ask for clarification or to pose other questions about the material.

Sample Math Video

Not only are Brightstorm’s free videos organized, but they may be organized in multiple other ways. Teachers and students may create maps, or groups of videos and practice questions, to use as study guides. A large selection maps created by other users are also available. In addition to the maps, Brightstorm has organized its videos to correspond to chapters and page numbers in common math and science textbooks.

Homework Help

If you are having difficulty with a math problem for homework, the Math Homework Checker provides you with the answer. Simply enter the problem, select the topic and click answer. You are instantly given the solution to the problem. You can receive unlimited answers for free. However, to see the steps required to solve the problem, you must subscribe to Instant Math Answers. Being able to view the steps to get to an answer will help you learn how to solve problems on your own and see where you may have gone wrong.

Math Checker

Test Prep

In addition to the option of subscribing to Brightstorm’s Instant Math Answers, you also have the ability to subscribe to the website’s test preparation programs. These programs are designed to prepare students for the SAT, ACT and ACT. Subscribing to Brightstorm may seem expensive, but when you consider what you would pay for tutors and test prep materials, the cost is justified.

When you subscribe to Brightstorm’s test prep programs for the ACT and SAT, you receive access to video lessons to help you prepare for the test, sample tests to assess your skills and familiarize you with the test and a personal analysis of your strengths and weaknesses to help you know where to focus your preparation. The AP Prep materials focus on U.S. History, Biology, Calculus and U.S. Government and feature lessons from some of the top AP teachers, as well as practice quizzes and other materials to use while studying for the tests.
From the free videos to the paid subscriptions for math answers and test prep, Brightstorm is committed to helping students learn. Because the videos and other materials are created by some of the top teachers in their fields, you can be sure that all information is accurate and presentations are designed to maximize learning.

Written June 20, 2012 by Stacy Zeiger

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