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Toytheater.com - Music, Art, Reading Math and Games for Kids!

Toytheater.com is an interactive website for kids with lots of activites. For example, you will find the Animation Station, where children can draw their own animated drawings, and the Composer, where kids compose and play their own music.

There are four different fun music games where you can create your own masterpiece: Composer, Piano Puppet, Drum Beats and Music Maker.

The most interesting activity in the Art section is perhaps the Animation Station, where children can doodle up to 22 different frames and play them as a short animation. There is also an art activity, "Matisse's Pieces" where you can create your own Matisse style painting.

The Math section includes a math quiz, math flashcards, and a game to learn to tell time using both digital and analog clocks. There are also some fun games for kids just beginning to learn math, for example More Less Monster and a pretty How Many game where you grow flowers.

The main menu in Toy Theater - choose between Art, Reading, Music, Puzzles, Math and Playset.

A simple music composer for kids on Toytheater.com

Growing flowers and learning numbers on Toytheater.com

Written March 19, 2009

Art , Mathematics , Music , Reading

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03/24/2009 Benjamin
Very smart tool for educating young minds... Keep it up guys

03/24/2009 Benjamin
Very smart tool for educating young minds... Keep it up guys

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