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Timetoast.com - Create Interactive Timelines

Creating timelines just got a little bit easier and more interactive with Timetoast . This timeline creation tool allows you to put together timelines online and share them by embedding the timeline on your website, tweeting or e-mailing a link or sharing the timeline on Facebook.

Creating a Timeline

The best part of Timetoast is how easy it is to create a timeline. Once you register for an account, you can start creating timelines right away. Choose a title, a category and an image for your timeline first. If you plan to create multiple timelines, the title and image will help you easily identify the specific timeline later. Choosing a category is optional, but helpful if you’re creating an educational timeline others could benefit from if they search for the specific topic.

Timeline creation
Creating a New Timeline

When you create your timeline, you have the option to add information in the form of timespans and events. A timespan is a horizontal bar containing a range of dates and the title of the timespan. It can also include a description of the timespan or connect to a related link, but not both. Events can then be added to the timeline one by one and appear in dialogue boxes labeled with the date and description provided. Pictures can also be added to events to improve the look of the timeline. Both timespans and events are fairly simple to add.

Timeline sample
Sample timeline with one timespan and multiple events


While creating a timeline is incredibly easy to do, Timetoast does have some limitations. B.C. Dates are not supported by the timeline, which means you cannot create timelines to represent specific periods of history. However, since most users will likely create timelines about their own lives or current events, it only poses a problem for a few.

The limitations that are more likely to affect multiple users have to do with how the timeline looks and is interacted with. For example, the overall look of your timeline has been determined by Timetoast. All timelines feature the same light blue background, darker blue timespan and black dots and white dialogue boxes to represent events. It can make even exciting timelines seem rather dull. Because the timeline only allows viewers to see three events at a time, most timelines also look rather empty at first glance.

Once published, all timelines also become public and may be found through the searchable gallery. If you have created a personal timeline, this means anyone could potentially access personal details about your life.


However, the dull color scheme and ability to only see three events at a time will not discourage users from creating timelines with Timetoast. For educators who want to create informational timelines or use Timetoast as an alternate form of assessment, the basic backgrounds will allow students to focus more on the information included in the timeline instead of the appearance of the timeline. The text view format also works well for printing a timeline so it can serve as a handy study tool or addition to a poster or other presentation.

Written August 27, 2012 by Stacy Zeiger

Social Studies

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