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BBC Teletubbies - Fun and Games for Toddlers

The BBC Teletubbies website provides a bunch of very simple but fun learning activities for toddlers, such as "Spot the rabbit", "Animal Sounds", "Shape Game", counting games and more.

All games on this site can be run in full screen mode.

In the nursery rhymes section, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Poo will read and sing rhymes to you. There is also a print and play section where you can print height charts, color-us-in games and spot-the-difference games.

BBC Teletubbies online games, the main menu

Find the favourite things game

Teletubbies nursery rhymes

Written January 11, 2008


User Reviews & Comments

11/22/2015 tammy
my I have the teletubbies fun and games from bbc cbeebies back please? because I need to finish teletubbies spot the rabbit,teletubbies sliding down the hill,teletubbies teletubby tv,sucky slurpy game,spot the noo noo,animal sounds find the favorite things,let's count painting game,my teletubbyland,animal parade,snap,tubby custard bubbles,peek a booh,boom boom dance,hide and seek, windy day,teletubbies magic coloring,po's scooter journey,we all fall down little bo peep,more than one,teletubbies head shoulders knees and toes,teletubbies lss laa's book,teletubbies color story,teletubbies skip march and dance,teletubbies we all fall down,teletubbies noo noo tides up,teletubbies time for teletubby bye bye,teletubbies find the favorite things,teletubbies who spilled the tubby custard,teletubbies meet the teletubbies,teletubbies what tinky winky look next?,teltubbies jigsaw puzzles,teletubbies musical voice trumpets.

05/07/2010 ibrahim
i want to give some educational fun to my child

05/07/2010 ibrahim
i want to give some educational fun to my child

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