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SpellingCity.com - Help Students Ace Their Spelling Tests

SpellingCity.com offers tools for both teachers and students that make the entire process of learning how to spell new words much easier and far more efficient.

If you've ever felt like the concept of spelling tests are dull and boring, the website Spelling City will help put some fun into the study of how to correctly spell words.

For many years, teachers have looking for different ways to enhance student memorization of correct spelling. Common approaches improve repetitive writing or in-class word games. Some teachers leave it up to the students to come up with their own ways to memorize long lists of spelling words.

However, thanks to the evolution of the Internet, there are now online applications and websites that can help with many aspects of teaching, and spelling is no exception.

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Registering at Spelling City

When you register to create spelling tests at spelling city, you have the option to register as a teacher or as a parent. Parent registrations do not require students to register before taking the tests or playing the games. The fact that parents can create spelling tests means that even if a certain school or teacher doesn't make use of Spelling City, parents can take advantage of the tools at the website to help their own students perform better on spelling tests.

Keep in mind that while registration with SpellingCity is free, a paid, premium membership will allow you to monitor and track student results and grades on tests and also offers email customer support.

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Entering Words

The place to start creating your spelling tests is right on the main page of SpellingCity. There is a start form with five fields for you to enter spelling words. Unlike most web forms where you need to tab to move to the next field, this form actually takes advantage of the "enter" key. Once you get to the last field and want to enter in more spelling words, just press "enter" and the form will automatically add a new blank field at the bottom for you. Once you're done entering all of your words, you can click on Test Me, Teach Me or Play a game. Each option has a very different purpose.

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SpellingCity Spell Check

SpellingCity lives up to its name by double checking the spelling of the words that you type in. Even teachers and parents aren't perfect, and sometimes you may even misspell words. SpellingCity performs a spell check for every word you enter, and if you get it wrong, the tool will offer you an opportunity to type in the new, correct spelling.

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SpellingCity Spelling Test

Taking a spelling test on the site is very easy. For each word in the list that you've entered, the student can click on "Say It" or "Sentence." When the student clicks "Say It", a narrator's voice says just the word. When the student clicks "Sentence," they will hear the word used in a sentence, since context often helps a student identify the correct spelling. Then the student can type the word into the field. At the end of the test, they can click "Check Me!" to verify if their chosen spellings are correct.

A nice feature is that all the student has to do is click within the field to hear both the word, and to hear it used in a sentence.

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SpellingCity Test Results

Test results are useful. The online app shows the student not only how many were correct or incorrect, but it also displays the correct spelling for each incorrect word. The student can type in their name to print out a certificate or report to prove that they took the test, and the score they received.

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SpellingCity Teaching

The website also offers a useful tool that students can use before taking the tests. By clicking "Teach Me" the online app will spell out the word, one letter at a time, after repeating the entire word as well as its usage in a sentence. The student can either click on the arrows or use the dropdown list to scroll through the words on the spelling list.

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SpellingCity Games

One of the most effective ways to aid in the memorization of spelling words is through game play. Teachers often make use of in-class games or contests to help students remember spelling words. The online equivalent at Spellingcity is the collection of wonderful games offered when you click on the "Play a Game" link under your test.

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SpellingCity Teaching

One example of a fun game students will love to play is the "HangMouse" game. The student chooses one letter at a time. A correct guess means the mouse gets a piece of cheese. An incorrect guess wakes up the cat just a little bit. Using up all of the guesses means the cat catches the mouse!

As a teacher, SpellingCity.com can offer a very affordable alternative to expensive quizzes and tests that you need to purchase. For parents, the website offers a very valuable supplementary learning tool that can help your child advance in their spelling abilities. In every case, SpellingCity goes a long way toward making learning how to spell a little less boring and a lot more fun.

Written August 4, 2010 by Ryan Dube


User Reviews & Comments

03/05/2015 Wasif
Spelling city is really helpful

02/15/2012 Moh'd
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spelling city is adorable !!!ok that is what i want to say bye!!!

02/15/2012 Moh'd
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spelling city is adorable !!!ok that is what i want to say bye!!!

02/28/2011 Cathren
O my gosh I love spelling city! It teaches me everything well thats all I havt to say ok bye!! Spelling City

02/28/2011 Cathren
O my gosh I love spelling city! It teaches me everything well thats all I havt to say ok bye!! Spelling City

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