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Selingua In Java - Learn Vocabulary Online

Selingua In Java is a Java applet that helps you learn 2000 words in French, German, Spanish or Swedish or English (ESL).

This Java program includes word matching exercises, crosswords etc. There is also a downloadable version for Microsoft Windows. The difficulty of the words included ranges from easy to advanced.

This is a very useful online app with free games for improving your vocabulary in foreign languages, perhaps especially in Swedish, where few other vocabulary recources can be found online for free. If has a simple user interface that is easy for everyone to use, kids or adults. You can set the software to use only easy, intermediate or advanced words.

The Java version has the same functionality as the Windows version, except that it does not have the abillity to create your own word lists.

You need to have an Internet connection to be able to use the Java version.

You might also want to try the multilingual vocabulary game Selingua Columns by the same author, Marianne Wartoft.

The opening screen of Selingua in Java.

Written October 31, 2005
The following languages are supported:
English , French , German , Spanish .


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