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Primarygames.com - A Fun, Free Place To Learn

Primarygames is an entertating site for teachers, parents, and kids featuring free educational games, coloring pages, virtual worlds, holiday activities, musical postcards and much more. You might find the animated ads a bit irritating, but there is still lots of great content here.

Primarygames.com hosts a huge number of high quality educational games in a variety of subjects:

Maths: Here, you can find sudoku variations, solitaire games, dress up math games and more general math games. Some games, such as the Dora games, are not really free but only free downloadable trials.

Social Studies: This section includes the great Coffee Tycoon game where kids can learn about entrepreneurship. You can also find a geography game that lets you learn about countries all over the world.

Science: In the science category, you will find lots of coloring pages and worksheets, and a few arcade games with science themes.

Language Arts: The language category has a number of typing games and word games.

Virtual Worlds: In this category, there are embedded versions or links to several of the most popular virtual worlds for kids, including Handipoints, Webbliworld, Wiglington and Wenks, Tootsville, Woozworld, Shidonni and many more. This is a great place to start of you are looking for a fun virtual world game (or MMORPG) for your children!

Looking for a game to match your school's curriculum? Have a look at the the curriculum guide, which shows you what grade level (Pre-K, K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th) each game is appropriate for.

All games are surrounded by animated ads, which can be a bit annyoing. Still, the site is well worth a visit!

A dressup addition game on primarygames.com. Spend the exact amount of money specified.

A geography game on primarygames.com.

Written January 18, 2010

User Reviews & Comments

05/12/2010 carolyn void
this is my first time trying to set up learning games for Preschool children

05/12/2010 carolyn void
this is my first time trying to set up learning games for Preschool children

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