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Playinghistory.org - History Games, Interactives And Simulations

Playing History is a website that catalogs and rates the best free online history games and simulations. Browse through subjects such as American history, British history, ancient history or World War II.

There are currently 130 games in the database, which you browse via a tag cloud. The actual games are not hosted on the website, but easily reached via external links.

One of the most popular games rated on the site is "Do I Have A Right", which explores the Bill of Rights in the context of operating and growing a Constitutional law firm from obscure to distinguished status.

The Playing History website lets you search a database of historical games and websites.

In the interactive Do I Have A Right game, you run a law firm and must give advice to your clients using the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Written October 16, 2009

Social Studies

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01/25/2010 xietingfung
i love you everybody i from new york

01/25/2010 xietingfung
i love you everybody i from new york

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