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Nobelprize.org - Educational Games and Simulations

The nobelprize.org website hosts a large collection of high quality educational Flash games, on subjects related to the Nobel Prize. The productions are aimed at young people, who may know about the Nobel Prizes and the Nobel Laureates, but often lack a deeper understanding about the Nobel Prize-awarded works.

Physics: Play a platform game to learn about laser, do a course on how to make alloys, or learn about transistors!

Chemistry: Play learning games that teach you about plastics, chirality or conductive pylomers.

Medicine: Try your hand at giving blood transfusions, or learn more about the ear and bacterias.

Literature: Share your best book tip, or play the Lord of the Flies game.

Peace price: Study the animated conflict map and learn about all wars in the 20th and 21st century.

Economics: Find out about international trade according to Ohlin's prize-awarded work.

Invar & Steel Alloys
The invar & steel alloys game at www.nobelprize.org

Blood Type Game
The blood type game

Laser Challenge Game
The laser challenge game

The heating plastic game

Written February 1, 2008

User Reviews & Comments

03/19/2015 nicholas sizer
I hated this I was looking for school games and this was not helpful if you could change this it would be much appreciated, THANK YOU!!

04/17/2011 Matilda
I'm out of lageue here. Too much brain power on display!

04/17/2011 Matilda
I'm out of lageue here. Too much brain power on display!

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