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MrNussbaum.com - K-8 Games To Teach Science, Math And Language Arts

MrNussbaum.com is a huge site with a variety of Flash games for kids ages 6-14. The site has a lot of ads and the design is not very up to date, but the educational games hosted there can still be very useful.

The Mrnussbaum.com website was created by school teacher Greg Nussbaum. Many of the games are also available for purchase as iPhone or iPad apps. All games are classified by grade level appropriateness (Grade 1+, Grade 2+, Grade 3+, Grade 4+, Grade 5+).

It is possible to purchase access to an ad-free version of the Mr Nussbaum site.

Mr Nussbaum Website
The home page of the Mr Nussbaum website

Topics on the Mr Nussbaum site include:

- Interactive Drill Library
- Improved Draggable Math
- Draggable Math
- EZ Fractions
- Ultimate Worksheet Generator
- Cool Graphing
- Addition
- Subtraction
- Multiplication
- Division
- Telling Time
- Money Counting Game
- Place Value
- Geometry games
- Graphing games
- Rounding
- Fractions
- Decimals
- Measurement
- Word Problems

- Story Units
- Nouns/Pronouns
- Commas
- Online Reading Comprehension
- Printable Reading Comprehension
- Cloze Reading
- Phonics Crosswords
- Sentence Surgeons
- Paragraph Paramedics
- Paralaughs
- ABC order, Contractions and more!
- Kidzness Card Maker
- Spelling Central
- Animated Biographies

- Periodic Table
- Interactive World Maps

Money Counting Game
A money counting game on the Mr Nussbaum website

Written May 5, 2011

K-12 , Science , Mathematics , Languages

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