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Math Live - Where Kids Can Learn Math Problem Solving Skills

As a method to help teachers in Alberta, Canada come up with new and innovative ways to help kids in the classroom learn math, the Government of Alberta came up with an online math problem solving resource called Math Live.

For many students, math is a subject that doesn't always come easy. Some of the concepts are fairly complex and take a lot of repeated practice to learn and master. This complexity often leads many children - especially young children - to get overwhelmed and bored with the subject.

Math Live helps teachers overcome this by presenting children with fun and interesting animated characters that describe math problem solving with animated examples and interactive lessons. It's like having an online math tutor in the form of these animated characters.

math problem solving
Math Live Introduction

The Math Live lessons walk children through the process of solving math problems, provides clear examples with how the correct answers can be determined, and then math practice tests that the child can take to test their comprehension of the lesson.

For teachers and students, there are notes, assessment tasks and even activity sheets - all available for absolutely free. The online tool offers an amazing assortment of math tutoring topics including equivalent fractions, area and perimeter, triangles and polygons and much more.

math problem solving
Math Live Menu Page

The interface with the online Flash-based application is a cartoon version of a television set, giving the child the impression that they are watching one of their favorite television programs. The interface might have been better designed if it took advantage of the entire computer screen, but the size of the program doesn't detract very much from its effectiveness.

math problem solving
A Lesson in Progress

The "lecture" part of each lesson is actually a well designed program - much like an educational television program - where the characters explain the principles involved in solving a particular math problem. The animation is high quality and the math lessons are laid out using clear and concise language, and using appropriate teaching tools and methods that any math teacher would approve of.

online math tutor
Math Live Uses the Latest Concepts

You'll find that all of the lessons provided in Math Live use the latest and most current math problem solving methods and the tools and techniques that math educational experts agree are the most effective. For example, in the division lessons, the character Hank explains to children exactly how base 10 blocks work.

online math tutor
Interactive Lessons

Each lesson includes high-quality animation that details exactly how the math principles work, taking one careful step at a time and walking the student through exactly what is going on in an interactive way.

For example, in the division lesson, students drag the base 10 blocks into each set and observe how it determines the final answer. The interactivity of the lessons is what is so effective in keeping children engaged in the material.

online math tutor
Easy Navigation

The tool is also very simple and easy to navigate. Not only are there pause, play, fast forward and rewind controls at the bottom of the screen, but by clicking on the "Topics" button at the lower right, the student can skip ahead or back to topics that they want to review again.

math practice test
Teachers Notes

From the main menu of each Math Live subject, there are also free resources for teachers and parents. Every section, such as multiplication, fractions, division and others, all provide teachers with detailed "Teachers Notes" for educators to make use of the online tool in the classroom. These are support materials that go along with the subject matter covered on Math Live.

math practice test
Assessment Task

In addition to teacher's notes, there is also a useful assessment task worksheet that teachers can use to determine and measure the student's progress with that particular topic.

These will help teachers come up with testing procedures they can use to measure how much students are learning from the program, and how to better integrate the online tool with the overall math curriculum in the classroom.

math practice test
Activity Sheets

Best of all, the program even provides free activity sheets that teachers and parents can use to supplement what the students have learned on Math Live. Activity sheets help to bolster the lessons and solidify those concepts. Practicing with the activity sheets as a supplement to the online learning tool is a very effective way to help students understand some of the more complicated math problem solving principles.

math problem solving
Math Live Glossary

Another valuable resource that you'll find from the main page is the glossary. The glossary is almost an entire educational tool all on its own. By browsing through all of the glossary terms, organized alphabetically, you'll find all kinds of important definitions that are supplemented by interesting and engaging images and animated examples.

Math Live is one of those rare online educational resources that is both full-functioning and completely free. While it was created for Alberta educators, this online tool would make a valuable classroom or home school resource for any math educator that is trying to help young children understand fundamental math. Math Live is an online math tutor that is always available to help any child better understand how to solve math problems.

Written September 6, 2010 by Ryan Dube


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