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Mathisfun.com - Free Math Games, Lessons And Dictionary

Math is not fun for a lot of kids, but Math Is Fun seeks to change that. It offers games, a math dictionary and basic math lessons to help kids learn math. Content is geared toward students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Some basic worksheets are also included to download for extra practice.

Simplifying Concepts

Some of the content presented on Math Is Fun seeks to present basic concepts and skills in an easy-to-understand format. This is accomplished through mini-lessons and descriptions with step-by-step instructions. Included in the instructions or lessons are graphics and tables to help illustrate the concepts. Some of the lessons, such as the lesson on Compound Interest, are fairly helpful for students and adults who simply want to brush up on the concept. Others, however, are too complex for the age of students they are geared towards. In fact, while the website includes skill and concepts for students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade, the majority of the content is written to appeal more to the middle and high school students who are using the site.

compound interest
Compound Interest Lesson

One of the best features of the website is the math dictionary. Included in the dictionary are hundreds of math terms. Many of the terms are accompanied by pictures to provide students with a visual example. They are also connected to related terms, making it easy for students to make connections between different terms and develop a full understanding of specific concepts. Many of the terms also link to lessons using those terms to help students see them in context. For example, the term “Y Coordinate” links to the term “ordinate” and a lesson on Cartesian Coordinates.


While fun, the majority of the games and puzzles listed on the Games and Puzzles pages at Math Is Fun do not relate to the mathematic skills and concepts. To find the games and interactive activities related to those concepts, you must search for the mini-lesson on the topic you want to explore and see if a game or activity is included in the explanation. A few math –based games can also be found by clicking on the Elementary Games link from the Games page. Those games focus on playing with number charts and number blocks and completing patterns.

elementary games
Elementary Games

Does it Really Make Math Fun?

While Math Is Fun contains a lot of information and resources for students, it lacks a little when it comes to actually making math fun. Many of the mini-lessons or descriptions of different concepts and skills are not different from what students would find in a textbook, on a worksheet or presented in class. The fun element appears to be a few pieces of clipart or illustrative graphics that are often overlooked because of their muted colors. While much of the information is useful and presented in an easy-to-understand format, it will likely be rejected by a student who already does not enjoy math, simply because none of it really stands out and it doesn’t use bright colors to make it look exciting.

Written September 11, 2012 by Stacy Zeiger


User Reviews & Comments

08/12/2017 NDIVYASRI
i want to play more mathisfun games......

06/15/2017 Janaka Bandaranayake
nice educational software wow

10/22/2014 donna
I really like this site its very helpful I would recommend it to anyeno who would like togo further with there Education.

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