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Childrensuniversity.manchester.ac.uk - Kids Can Explore and Learn at the Children's University of Manchester

The University of Manchester offers a creative and innovative online learning portal for children, and it's called the Children's University of Manchester. Subjects include the environment, earth and space, the brain and senses and much more.

If there is anything that is certain about Universities across the world, it is that they care deeply about education at all levels. Most Universities offer some form of resource for kids, whether its entertainment, day care and learning facilities or even online resources.

The University of Manchester is no exception. As the largest single-site University in all of Britain, it goes above and beyond when it comes to providing online resources for children. The University offers a creative and innovative online learning portal for children, and it's called the Children's University of Manchester.

The children's website features a long list of interactive lessons that run the entire gamut of subjects that the University teaches. These subjects include the environment, earth and space, the brain and senses and much more.

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Children's University of Manchester Main Page

From the main page, you can see just how many subjects this impressive website covers. While children aren't going to find mindless arcade games on this website, what they will find are interesting articles to read, fascinating things to learn, and supplemental interactive activities to play that help to further illustrate the concepts that children learn on these pages.

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Instructional Articles

Each article is written by a professional at the University that is an expert in their particular field. In these sections, kids get to read information written personally by these professors and researchers.

Each of the instructional articles is brief enough to maintain interest, and they are written in a way that is friendly and inviting. Reading these informational articles is much like sitting in a classroom and listening to a particularly good teacher provide a lecture.

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The Body and Medicine

One example of the interactive activities that are available includes this "Digestive System" diagram. As you click on each individual word or phrase, the online program points to that particular organ. This is a great area of the site to teach kids all about anatomy and the human body.

Beyond the interactive diagram, kids will find other activities related to illnesses, drugs, and the skeletal system.

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Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egypt section is one of the most interesting areas of the site. Here, kids can explore actual Egyptian Hieroglyphs, learn more about the pyramids, study about ancient Egyptian gods, and even discover how mummies were made.

university of manchester kids
Earth and Space

Of course, one of the favorite areas for kids is "The Earth and Beyond." In this section, Dr. Tim O'Brian takes children through an exploration of our planet as well as out space. In these interactive lessons, kids can watch how the Sun, Earth and Moon all orbit each other or learn about how and why sunset and sunrise times change every day. The selection may be a little bit light at the moment, but it appears that the site is frequently updated with new material.

university of manchester kids
Learning about Words

Of course, reading and writing are considered core competencies in any child's education. So, it makes sense that there would be an area of this website focused on language, and more specifically - words and grammar. The "Words" section of this website covers the most important area of English that children need to understand, like identifying adjectives and even understanding the history of the English Language itself.

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Explore the University

The "Explore the University" section of this website lets somewhat older kids explore the concept of attending a University and what sort of things they can expect from such an experience. This area of the site guides children through the process of thinking about what they want to do when they are older, and there's even a section where kids can send in questions to Manchester University students!

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Ask a Student

The "Ask a Student" section provides an easy form kids can use to post their own question, and there are also links to the latest questions that real University students have answered for other children.

university of Manchester kids
University Features

In addition to thinking about their future as a college student, children can literally explore Manchester University through the series of links on the "What's on at The University of Manchester" page. This section lets kids read more about the facilities and services that are available throughout the University.

It is clear from the clean design of this website that the University of Manchester believes in providing high-quality online content and entertainment for kids. While it may not be the most state of the art website for kids, and probably doesn't offer the sort of highly -stimulating games that can be found on children's game sites, one thing students will most certainly learn from this website is that learning can be fun. They'll also learn that someday soon, they will be going to college, and it's never too early to start thinking about the future.

Written May 31, 2011 by Ryan Dube

Science , Social Studies

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