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Kneebouncers.com - Fun Keyboard Games For Tiny Toddlers

Kneebouncers.com is a site with flash games for the "itty bitty ones", i.e toddlers and babies. All the games are very simple - all you need to do is to press any key on the keyboard. Using the mouse is not necessary, making this game perfect for kids 1-3 years old.

Some games are just for fun, e.g. the peek-a-boo game Peek-a-bouncer, and some have an educational focus. The Alphabet game teaches letters, and there are games for learning shapes, numbers and colors as well. Kneebouncers is the perfect place for toddlers who want to play with mom and dads computer and discover cause and effect!

You will also find a download section with printable coloring pages featuring the Kneebouncers.com characters - Sly Cat, Caesar, Freddy, Horatio, Foo Foo and Sammy.

Playing an alphabet game for toddlers at Kneebouncers.com.

Youtube video with a baby girl learning her colors on Knee Bouncer.

Written October 11, 2010


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