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Kiteedu.com - A Multi-Dimensional Teacher Tool

The nationwide implementation of Common Core standards poses new challenges to educators. Lessons and activities need to be aligned and assessed with constant regard for the new standards. Kite, which describes itself as "the premier toolset for the modern teacher" is a free collection of resources to help teachers create, grade and monitor student progress in connection with the Common Core standards.

Kite's Basics

Teachers, students and administrators can create accounts on the site, which extends beyond the basic online gradebook. Administrators can oversee grades and progress in all a school’s classes.

In addition to its capacity to help educators calculate, record, and monitor grades, Kite includes a unique tool for creating worksheets and getting them graded in a timely manner.

Kite's attention-grabbing home page.

It’s easy to create assignments.

The worksheets, which can be printed and completed traditionally, can be faxed to Kite’s California office, where a scanner grades the assignments. Turnaround time is minimal, with results returned to teachers in a matter of minutes. This aspect of the site can potentially save teachers hours of valuable time. This benefit is limited to worksheets created on the site, and not for longer essays and other written assignments, but it still supports the almost constant assessing and grading teachers need to do.

Easy Setup

Setting up a class is fairly simple. Teachers enter student names; identification numbers, often required by similar sites, are optional.

Creating classes on the site is easy.

Once classes are created, teachers can post announcements to classes by way of the site’s Activity Stream. Students can also use the Activity Stream to post questions and comments, generating useful discussions about lessons and activities.

The Activity Stream facilitates communication between the teacher and students.

Student Benefits

Kite also helps students self-monitor their academic progress. Once a teacher has set up the class, students create their individual private accounts, which are only accessible by them. The site provides clear, step-by-step instructions on creating student accounts. (img- instructions) Test results can be accessed as soon as teachers post them. Assessment results are translated into specific information about the progress a student is making towards meeting whatever Common Core standards the class is working on.

Home page for students.

Unique Features

Creating tests and other assignments often consumes a substantial amount of time. As briefly mentioned above, Kite’s offerings include a feature to expedite the process of creating worksheets in math and reading. The Market section of the site features a free collection of over 1,000 math and reading questions culled from previous California standardized tests. The questions have been re-aligned to the Common Core, making them more widely usable by educators in other states. They can be used to help teachers quickly create worksheets for a variety of purposes.

The Market features sets of questions.

A comprehensive blog rounds out the site’s features. The content includes information about updates to the site’s features, as well as posts about technology in education.

Kite’s Blog is a great additional resource.

Kite is a great resource with the potential for simplifying many time-consuming daily teacher tasks.

Written October 18, 2012


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