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A virtual interactive timeline, History Pin gives users a new way to experience history. With this tool, users pin photos to a virtual map and share the stories behind the photos. The map can then be searched by place or time to discover what others have shared.

Your First Visit

Expect your visit first to History Pin to take some time. Because of all of the photographs and stories the resource contains, it takes some time to load. Once it loads, you will be asked to agree to receive cookies from History Pin to make loading the website faster at each visit. However, during the first visit your experience with History Pin may be painfully slow.

Main Page and Accepting Cookies

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Finding historic images on Historypin.com

When you go to join History Pin, you will find you need a Google account to login. That account gets you your own channel which shows all of your History Pin activity – photos you have uploaded, comments others have left on your photos and tours or collections of photos you have created. Your channel is shareable and others can become a fan of it in order to keep up with your History Pin activity.

Personal Channel

Tours and Collections

One of the unique features of History Pin is the ability to browse and create tours and collections. Viewing those that are already created is like taking a step back in time through photographs. Collections are groups of photographs based on a specific topic, such as the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire or Sarah Lawrence College. The collections of photographs are akin to a photography exhibit in a local art museum. When you create a collection, you are not limited to the photos you have uploaded. You can also create a collection using photographs you pin as you browse History Pin.

You can also create and view tours. Essentially, a tour is a glorified slideshow, featuring images and descriptions in a sequence that is designed to tell a story. Unlike a traditional slideshow, however, the tours also feature a map to give you a location for each photograph contained in the slideshow. For example, a slideshow on the March on Washington helps you make connections between multiple individuals as they participate in the March. Using the tour, you could potentially head to Washington D.C. And actually stand in the spot where a photograph was taken years before.

March on Washington Tour

Educational Benefits

History Pin has a lot to offer, particularly when it comes to teachers and students. Local libraries and museums have created collections and tours on many significant historical events and periods. For students, these collections and tours can become an engaging source when it comes to conducting research, especially for those who are visual learners.
The ability to create tours and collections also gives students and teachers a new way to present information. Students can conduct collaborative research projects, pinning photographs related to a specific topic and working to create a collaborative tour or collection. The location feature will also help students experience history in a new way by being able to view a specific location over multiple periods of time and noting how it has changed.

Written October 22, 2012 by Stacy Zeiger

Social Studies

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