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Highlights for Children Goes Beyond the Magazine

Highlights is a very popular educational magazine for kids that provides stories, games and lots of great content children love. The online offerings at the Highlights Magazine website provides kids with everything from picture stories, coloring pages, crafts, science experiments and so much more.

If you have kids or if you work in a school system, then you've likely heard of Highlights Magazine. Highlights is a very popular educational magazine for kids that provides stories, games and lots of great content children love.

Thanks to the Internet, the great things that Highlights Magazine brings to students in printed form is now available on the Internet. The online offerings at the Highlights Magazine website provides kids with everything from picture stories, coloring pages, crafts, science experiments and so much more.

Highlights magazine website is a great resource to have up on your computer in the classroom, or to have your kids visit at home. The site constantly changes content, so there's always something new to do or learn almost every time you visit the web page.

Highlights Magazine

Highlights Magazine has been used for years by teachers and parents to get children interested in learning. The stories and games that you'll find in the magazine are fun as well as educational. Kids love them because of the wonderful illustrations, because the games and activities are very fun, and because the stories are always interesting.

highlights magazine
Highlights Main Site

At the Highlights website, kids will find lots of things to do. There are games to play, stories to read, interesting and educational articles, science experiments and craft projects. The main page of the site is updated daily, and includes not only links to the different sections of the site, but also a new highlighted article, a fun tongue twister or poem, a new survey and much more.

highlights magazine
Highlights Menu

The menu at the top of the website is where kids will find everything that the site offers. The site is divided into four major sections, a game and activity area, a place to read stories and articles, a craft and activity section, and a place where kids can interact with others at Highlights Magazine.

Each section of the site is chock-full of things to do, and the games section is no exception. In the games area, there's a long assortment of games, including word unscrambling, picture finds, puzzle games, matching games and much more.

highlights for kids
Highlights Website Games

The great things about the games on the site is that not only are they fun for kids, but they're educational. Children won't even realize that they're learning things while matching pictures or playing the word games.

Some of the games even combine puzzles and stories into one activity - and nearly every activity includes an important lesson. That's what Highlights is all about, and none of the games disappoint.

highlights for kids
Highlights Games

Also under the Play It section is more than just games. Here you'll find other activities like "Hidden Pictures", a collection of fun puzzles where kids must find hidden objects inside of pictures. There is also the "Art Activities" section which includes a whole collection of fun art projects that children can work on.

highlights for kids
Highlights Activities

Under the "Read It" menu, kids will find the majority of site content, including animated stories, regular stories, fascinating articles, and unique content like a "Poetry Player", and a section called the "Arizona Zone" with an exclusive Highlights Kids character called Arizona, who teaches kids lots of important lessons.

Each animated story in the stories section includes words, pictures and often even read-along audio.

highlights for children
Highlights Stories

One area of the "Read It" section even includes a great "Comic Creator" area where kids get to explore their creativity and imagination but filling in the captions for a comic strip. It can be fun to give these blank comic strips to a classroom of students, just to see the different sort of fun stories they can come up with.

highlights for children
Highlights Comic Creator

For students that like more hands-on learning, the "Make It" section of the site is perfect. It includes entire areas filled with fun crafts, interesting recipes in the "recipe box", an "idea a day" section for a thinking activity, and of course an entire science experiments section with great experiments you could do in class to teach your students all about science.

highlights for children
Science Experiments

The "Share It" section of the Highlights web page includes lots of different ways that students can interact with Highlights and submit their own ideas. They can send in a letter to highlights in the "Dear Highlights" section, they can enter into fun drawing contests and there's even a section where children can submit science questions for Highlights science experts to answer.

highlights magazine
Interacting With Highlights

No matter what the subject matter and whether it's for students or for your own son or daughter, Highlights for Kids is one of the best educational website online. Between the games, activities, crafts and educational articles, it's a place where kids can have a whole lot of fun, and parents and teachers can be certain that those kids are learning.

Written October 8, 2012 by Ryan Dube

Reading , K-12 , Art , Science

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