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Funschool.kaboose.com - Educational Games Site That Has Everything in One Place

The FunSchool site is a fantastic Kaboose offering that accumulates a wide variety of educational games in one place. The games are organized into four basic themes, or areas, and these areas are broken down into subcategories so that the entire site is very easy to navigate, even for a child.

Whenever you're hunting for a good educational games site for your kids, it can be challenging to find a decent website that offers not only high quality educational games, but also a wide variety of offerings. Luckily, the FunSchool educational games site offered by Kaboose is one of those websites that can make you feel good about letting your kids play games online.

Instead of sending your kids to a whole mix of websites to play games, print coloring pages, or practice math problems - why not have them spend their time at a single website that offers it all?

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FunSchool Offers a Wide Range of Fun

From the very front page of the FunSchool website, you can see how many different, wonderful things a child can do on this website. Whether it's playing popular arcade games, puzzling over word puzzles, taking entertaining quizzes or printing coloring pages - a child could spend many days on this website and never get bored. And, best of all, every area of this website offers important and valuable educational opportunities embedded into every game or activity.

Since the games section of this website is the most popular, the following three screenshots offer samples of the sort of games your child will find at this website. Clearly, all of them have either a direct skill they teach, or an indirect general lesson they offer. Of course, there are always a few cases where the game provides nothing more than pure fun.

educational games site
Birds of a Feather

In the "Birds of a Feather" game, the goal is to match the colored bird image with the shadow image and the name of the bird. This is a great way to introduce children to the world of animals, or maybe even the wonder and excitement of bird-watching!

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Michael, Go Recycle

In the game "Michael, Michael, Go Recycle" you have to race around the "park" and locate assorted trash, and then find the appropriate recycling bin to throw it into. This is a very fun arcade-style game that kids will love to play, but it also provides a very important lesson in how easy it can be to recycle, and it makes children feel as though recycling is a very positive thing to do.

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Puke the Pirate

Don't forget that sometimes simply having fun is important too. You most likely won't find many games on this site that are there simply for enjoyment and fun, without any intended lesson - but sometimes you will come across one or two. "Puke the Pirate" is one example. If the name isn't a giveaway, then silly appearance of the main character pirate should be. The fun background music and funny-looking cartoon character "enemies" combine to form an arcade-style game that will keep a child entertained for quite a while.

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The FunSchool Menu System

Moving beyond the games, you'll discover that the FunSchool website offers so much more. Just from the in-depth menu system alone, you'll quickly realize that this online game website has a lot more to offer than most other children's sites. The main areas are time Warp, Globe Rider, Formula Fusion, and Fun Blaster Arcade. Click on any one of these menu options to see a sub-menu listing every one of your choices.

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Each Themed Area Offers Multiple Activities

Once you click on each of the themed areas, it becomes apparent just how huge this website is. You'll find all sorts of fantastic activities and games within each section. For example, Carnival Math under Formula Fusion offers four areas - an arcade, puzzles, a slideshow and a quiz. Click on the Arcade area, as an example, and you'll see several high quality games that teach math lessons.

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Go Go Go Karts Math Game

The games are so fun; your child won't even know that they're learning math. For example, the game Go Go Go Karts has children perform simple math problems in order to get their Kart through the track faster than their opponent. The real skill in this game comes from not only knowing which math answer gets the Go Kart to travel the furthest, but also how to take advantage of the game spaces, with red ones that will send you backwards, and green ones that will propel you even further toward the finish line.

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Taking Fun Quizzes

If playing games isn't quite what your child is interested in, then you can head over to the areas of the FunSchool educational games site that offers other activities. One example of this is in the Globe Rider Aliens section where you can take a quiz to learn more about what "life on other planets" really means.

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Free Printable Coloring Pages

Coloring is another very fun activity that a vast majority of kids love to do. In this area, FunSchool doesn't disappoint. In almost every section, there's at least one great coloring page, such as the "Color Your ABC's" pages that your child can printout and color. Coloring pages at FunSchool are always unique and very fun.

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Word Games

Another fun activity that you'll discover at FunSchool are word games, such as this printable Dinosaur Word Search game where your child will need to search carefully to find different terms that are associated with dinosaurs, like Jurassic, Eggs or Extinct. Many of these word games also feature fun images that your child could also color if they wish.

Once you start exploring this massive website with your child, you'll find that it is a perfect alternative to the many other websites "for kids" - because unlike other sites that offer mindless arcade games without any real purpose, FunSchool offers the same entertainment, but with a very important entertainment value as well. So, while the kids love the website for the games, parents love it because the games actually teach something.

Written May 20, 2010 by Ryan Dube


User Reviews & Comments

05/23/2017 Brian Caine
I really like the Funschool website.

12/05/2016 Anaya Gailliard
I feel the same way Saige I loved that site please put it back on!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/29/2016 Julia
Why is it called fun school anyway? What's fun about it?

12/29/2015 Saige B
Whaaaat? The website is gone! And now when I try to type in the web address, the Disney website for games pops up! This is something utterly wrong. I used to LOVE playing on that site! There were so many games and I was never bored! But now, five years later, I was reminded of a pleasant childhood memory, and decided to go back and play. But it's not there! Egads! Sacre bleu! This is terrible!

11/29/2015 dorothy beckmeyer
i love those games on this website please put it back online it my favorite website and the only one time i got to spend time with my mom ok

07/23/2015 shaniyah henderson
this is the most awesomest website that i have in my entire life thank you for having this website exsist

10/07/2014 A Dean
I have used your Funschool site in our school computer lab for many years but the last year we have not been able to get and I am having do luck again this year. There is something about the address or ? that is blocking it from our school If you could help in this matter it would be great.

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