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In the fun Flash game Fantastic Contraption, you solve levels by building clever machines using rotating wheels and rods.

The object in all levels is to make all red objects overrcome a number of obstacles and move into a goal area. In order do do this, you need to connect the objects with rotating wheels and rods to create amazing contraptions that roll around the screen. A fun and mindbending game!

Fantastic Contraption was written in Flash, by Colin Northway. It is free, but for a fee of 10 USD you can support the game and get some extra features, such as a level editor.

If you like this kind of game, the non-free Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kitavailable at Amazon.com might be for you!

A simple contraption built at Fantastic Contraptions

Written January 16, 2009


User Reviews & Comments

03/13/2009 Chad
hi im 13 and i play this game. its a really fun game but gets pretty complicated i dont recommend it for 5 year olds unless they're extremely smart because i even get challenged sometimes. but its really fun

03/11/2009 Kalpana
Looking for some science games for my 5 year old and this game looks really cool.

01/22/2009 denver
And don't forget Crayon physic deluxe, also a new and fun physics game! www.crayonphysics.com

01/22/2009 denver
And don't forget Crayon physic deluxe, also a new and fun physics game! www.crayonphysics.com

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