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Do2learn.com - Resources for Children With Special Needs

Finding resources for children with special needs can be difficult. Do2Learn provides parents and children with special needs the educational and behavioral resources they need. These resources include worksheets, advice, computer-based instruction and educational games to help students with disabilities such as autism, attention deficit disorder and other learning, emotional and behavior disorders.

Understanding Disabilities

Included on Do2Learn is a section on the characteristics of 10 different disabilities and strategies for handling each disability. Both the characteristics and strategies for handling each disability are presented in an easy-to-read, bulleted format. Strategies for handling the disabilities focus on multiple areas such as academics, socialization, behavior and daily living and a wealth of free suggestions are offered.

Bulleted Strategies List

Also included for free is a section outlining parents’ rights when it comes to a child with special needs. Rather than having to read long, confusing legal documents, parents can read simple bulleted lists explaining the laws, procedures and other necessary information involved with raising a child with special needs. Lists of acronyms and terms help make sure teachers and students are on the same page.

Activities and Resources

Do2Learn claims to provide parents and teachers with all the resources they need to effectively implement their suggestions for working with a child with special needs. For example, if a strategy involves creating a behavior management plan, Do2Learn provides a printable behavior management plan.

Most of the free resources available are in the form of printable worksheets and picture cards. Teachers and parents also have the option to purchase learning software, workbooks and resources for customizing and creating materials. Do2Learn uses buttons labeled “free” and “add to cart” to make it clear from the beginning which components are free and which must be purchased before using.

Free and Paid Resource Options

Overall, Do2Learn provides a good mix of free and paid content. Instead of being given half of a worksheet or a limited trial of an activity, parents and teachers have access to enough free materials to effectively implement many of the strategies offered by Do2Learn. The strategies offered by Do2Learn also contain a healthy mix of resources parents and teachers can create on their own, including homemade games and flash cards.

Level of Resources

Most of the resources available through Do2Learn are labeled “E,” meaning they apply to everyone from preK through 12th grade. However, a lot of the free resources are more elementary in focus. Even though older students with special needs may benefit from the resources, those who do not have severe learning disabilities may not feel comfortable completing worksheets or reviewing picture cards that look like materials typically found in an early elementary classroom.

An exception to this is the JobTIPS section which is designed to help teens and adults with special needs find a job. This section features professional-quality videos, forms and assessments to help explain the job search process. Even individuals without special needs will find JobTIPS a highly informative, easy-to-navigate explanation of the job search process.

JobTIPS Section

A Comprehensive Resource

Despite some of the resources being elementary and being required to purchase some of the more interactive activities, Do2Learn is a resource all parents and teachers of children with special needs should visit. The sheer amount of information contained on the website and the fact that it is displayed in an easy-to-read format is what makes Do2Learn stand out.

Written October 18, 2012


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