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Cookie.com - Educational Games, Stories And Worksheets

When it comes to playing games online, Cookie.com offers more than your traditional games website. This resource features educational games chosen by child experts and educators. It also contains worksheets, educational videos and stories to help children in preschool through 2nd grade develop basic skills and have fun while they learn. Games and activities help develop math, language, reading, science and general problem-solving skills.


It is easy for teachers, parents and kids to find games they want to play. The top learning games are highlighted on the front page so kids can play the most popular games. Some of the top games include “Snakes and Ladders,” a version of a popular kids’ board game, “Learn to Write Alphabet,” where children trace dotted letters to learn the alphabet and “Color By Number.” On the games page, games are organized by category: math games, language lessons, kids puzzle, science lesson plans and fun games. The instructions for all games are read aloud so even beginning readers can play them with ease.

Top Learning Games on the Front Page


Beginning readers will also enjoy the selection of stories read and illustrated by the Cookie Team. Each of the stories in the collection features simple graphics and short sentences. The stories look like real books too and children can watch the pages turn with the click of an arrow. Once a child chooses a story, she can read it on her own or click on the music note to hear it read to her. Special stories such as “Sack on the Yak” and “The King and the Ring” help beginning readers build their phonics skills too.

The Thirsty Crow


After reading the books and playing the games, children can practice their skills with Cookie’s collection of worksheets. There are over 100 worksheets that cover skills from all different subject areas. You will find connect numbers and connect letters worksheets to help children learn their letters and numbers and other math and language worksheets. Science worksheets help children learn about food chains, personal hygiene and the solar system. All worksheets also come with an answer key.

Food Chain


While Cookie is designed for preschool through 2nd grade, there is a special section for preschoolers. This section highlights the games, worksheets, videos and arts and crafts that are designed specifically for preschool learners. All of the activities help preschool children build basic skills, such as learning their letters, numbers and colors. Even the fun games help are designed to help preschoolers build their concentration skills. All of the games and videos feature bright colors and music to help ensure preschoolers will enjoy them.

With its games, videos, worksheets and stories, Cookie is sure to become a go-to resource for parents and teachers of preschool through second grade students. Cookie’s blog also features practical advice for parents and teachers on topics from handling difficult children to ways to make math fun for children.

Written June 13, 2012 by Stacy Zeiger


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04/02/2016 zoena
Hi I hope you could help me too with helpful activities or my students with special needs. Thank you.

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