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Codecademy.com: Learn Computer Programming With Simple Courses

Codeacademy.com is a fun and innovative website that can help just about anyone learn how to program in Javascript. You can track and share your progress with your friends along the way.

Most people realize that understanding how to "code" gives you the flexibility to do just about anything you want to do on your computer or on the Internet, but there is also the misconception that it is only for computer scientists or IT experts.

The truth is, anyone can learn how to "code". The hard part is getting through the basics and understanding the fundamental elements of programming. Once you have that foundation, it's easy to build upon that knowledge and build more complex programs.

One of the most innovative and fun websites that can help just about anyone learn how to program, is Codecademy.

Learn Computer Programming at Codecademy

The moment you enter the Codecademy website, the odds are very good that you're going to have your interest peaked right away.

The front page offers the usual "Sign In" and "Create Account" links, but even if you're just a visitor that wants to play around, you can start typing into the interactive command prompt window.

learn computer programming
The Front Page

This interactive command prompt is actually one of the basic courses offered by Codecademy. All it does is asks the visitor to type their name in quotes.

However, don't be fooled. This simple request is a clever ploy by the makers of Codecademy to prove just how simple computer programming can be.

learn computer programming
Learning a Lot in a Few Steps

Before you know it, after just two or three more steps, you'll have determined the length of your name and defined string variables. You'll be so surprised that you'll want to register with the website just to see what else you can accomplish with code!

learn computer programming
Really Digging In

Once you sign up and continue on into the programming lesson, you'll soon find yourself making some amazing accomplishments that you never thought you'd be able to do with code.

In just the second lesson of "Getting Started with Programming", you'll be able to produce pop-up windows using Javascript, to offer users information or to let them make a selection.

learn programming
Working With Variables

The earlier lessons at Codecademy establish the simplest, most important aspects of programming first. That is why, from the very first lesson, there is a focus on defining and working with variables.

Javascript is the code of choice for the early Codecademy lessons, but most of the lessons learned in these programming lessons can be utilized in many other programming languages.

<learn programming
Your Profile and Extra Features

As you're working through the programming lessons at Codecademy, don't forget that you're getting points and winning "Achievements" as you work your way through each lesson.

There is a nice feeling of accomplishment when you successfully complete each lesson, and then look up into the profile area to see that your point score is growing, and you've collected several more achievements.

There are also some nice extra features to help you along the way in your programming studies. One of those is a useful "Scratch Pad" that you can use to keep notes along the way for things that you really don't want to forget.

learn programming
Programming Q&A

There is also an area where other Codecademy visitors go to ask programming questions or to get help as they're working through each lesson.

This is also an area where you can go to get help from other more experienced programmers. Or, if you're an experienced programmer, you can add your insight and expertise by answering someone else's questions. This is a great way to help others see and appreciate the value of learning a programming language.

learn computer programming
Getting Into Complex Programs

It's important to add that Codecademy is not just for beginners. Once you understand the fundamentals of coding, you'll be able to dive into some of the higher levels.

For example, even just lesson 4 of the "Getting Started" course starts to explore topics like manipulating numeric variables, and how to make use of strings and substrings when you want to use text in your code.

With Codecademy, not only do you learn how to code, but you also learn how to do it the right way, using the right logic and coding with the right syntax and structure. These are important lessons for anyone to learn when they are just getting started with programming.

how can you learn computer programming languages
Other Lessons Available

Once you're finished with the introductory "Getting Started" course, you should be warmed up and ready to jump into the higher level courses.

With the tools that are available to help you along the way, the high quality of lessons and the interactive interface, this website should be a bookmark for anyone at all interested in diving into the world of programming.

If you visit Codecademy every day and work a little bit on each lesson, you'll be a programming guru before you know it.

Written January 30, 2012 by Ryan Dube


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08/07/2014 mohamed lamine camara
I would like to be a good programmer

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