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7 Great Websites to Create High School Yearbooks Online

Whether it's for a high school senior class or for a grammar school graduation, a yearbook is an excellent way to reflect back of the school years. It allows students an opportunity to reminisce about the friends they've made over the last few years, and it gives them an important chance to say goodbye as they move forward with their education.

When it comes to creating a yearbook, traditionally students would create a yearbook committee, where a group would collaborate on developing the yearbook design, taking photography, laying out all of the pages, and putting together the yearbook itself. Then the process would conclude with sending the finished yearbook to a publishing company that can print off the number of copies needed.

These days, with the advent of the Internet and social networks, a yearbook can take on much different forms. In an electronic form, it lets students browse and comment the pages in a much different way than years past. Of course, most websites that let you create high school yearbooks online, or any other type of yearbook, also let you order real "printed" copies as well.

The following list is seven of the best websites that let you build yearbooks online.


Bookemon is one of those interesting sites that aren't intended primarily for creating a yearbook, but it offers the service as part of its overall devotion to books.

Bookemon offers a service created mostly as a service for people that intend to eventually order copies of the yearbook in print, however the online design tool is free, and the site even offers sample books and a calculator to see how much printed book orders will cost.

high school yearbooks online
Bookemon Yearbook Page

Just click on the link to see samples to see some examples of excellent yearbook layouts. You can use some of these designs to spark some ideas for your own yearbook.

high school yearbooks online
Bookemon Design Samples

Just browsing through the samples, you'll see how professional your own yearbook will turn out when you're done designing it. This design tool is perfect for any age level, from elementary school yearbooks up through high school yearbooks.


Cropmom is another site not intended primarily for yearbooking. Instead it is intended to help visitors create interesting scrapbooks with photos. However, creating a yearbook is very much the same as the "photobooks" that Cropmom helps its visitors create.

As you can see in some of the examples, like the "5th Grade Class Photo", you can see just how nice a yearbook these photobooks can become.

high school yearbooks online
Cropmom Photo Book

If you want a creative yearbook that has more of a "scrapbook" feel to it than a traditional yearbook look, then Cropmom is exactly the online resource that you'll want to use.

Mixbook School Memory Books

If you're looking more for a site that focuses on images above anything else, then Mixbook is the site for you. At Mixbook, you can create your own personalized school memory book for free, and you don't have to download any software. Use the online tool to upload your photos, and choose one of the many available professional themes to create your own book.

online yearbooks
Mixbook Main Page

The online editor at Mixbook is well made and enjoyable to use, and the resulting yearbook that you make will be professionally done. Best of all, if you really like it, you can purchase printed copies that come made with high-quality paper pages and bindings.

online yearbooks
Mixbook Themes

The themes that you have to choose from are organized into various categories like "School Days", "College Life" and just the traditional "Modern Yearbook" design.

Yearbook Magic

Yearbook Magic is a site that is less about creating an online yearbook, and more about designing your customized yearbook for printing. The design tool to create the "photo book" is free to use, and when you're done you can order the printed book.

online yearbooks
Yearbook Magic Main Page

The site is fairly simple and straightforward, and the site offers a free membership account you can use to test out the online design tool to see if it's what you need for your own situation. If you like it, you can sign up for one of the paid packages.

SPC Yearbooks

SPC Yearbooks is one of the most interesting online yearbook designers simply because of the number of interesting examples that are available. The site offers everything you could possibly need if you are heading up a yearbook committee. The tools available include yearbook designs, an online yearbook designer, and even yearbook software that you can download to use on your computer.

school yearbooks online
SPC Yearbooks Main Page

You'll find interesting pre-made designs you can use under categories like "Let's Dance", "Festival" and "Simply Sophisticated", just to name a few.

school yearbooks online
SPC Yearbooks Premade Designs

Through the Looking Glass is very much an online magazine for book lovers. Here, you'll find the Editor's Choice, seasonal features, book giveaways and much more. This site is based in Europe, and the pricing for getting your full printed yearbooks delivered, or even having it designed from scratch, are pretty reasonable.

School Feed

Schoolfeed is an entirely new type of high school yearbook online that is focused on social networking. The point of the site is to draw in information from Facebook about all of the people that make up your high school class.

school yearbooks online
schoolFeed Main Page

When you sign up with the site using your Facebook account, you'll instantly see the online high school yearbook for your high school class. The great thing about the service is that you can also browse through the yearbooks of other classes and see all of the interesting people in those online yearbooks as well.

Lulu Yearbooks

Finally, one site that you probably never imagined would offer yearbooks is Lulu. Lulu is a very popular ebook creation service that people use to publish their own ebooks. Over the years, the service has evolved into other areas as well, such as cookbooks, calendars and now yearbooks as well.

free online yearbooks
Lulu Yearbooks page

Lulu publishing is wonderfully easy and simple. Best of all, it's free to publish a yearbook at Lulu, and you only have to pay for the yearbook when you buy a printed copy. It's one of the fastest and easiest ways to publish your yearbook on the Internet, and Lulu is a company that many people trust for their publication needs today, so you know you can't go wrong.

Whether you're just looking for yearbook design ideas or you're ready to design and publish your yearbook right now, all of the resource listed above will serve you very well.

Written May 3, 2012 by Ryan Dube


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