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9 Free Video Sites With Great Classroom Content

The advent of the Internet brought a lot of great things to the world, not the least of which has been the influence of multimedia in the classroom.

The days of only using books to teach lesson plans are over. Now, teachers can use audio and video to capture the interest of students, and to present important classroom lessons using a wide range of effective formats.

When it comes to using video in the classroom, there's a long list of great resources on the Internet that teachers can draw from for video content. In every major subject, like math, English, science and social studies, you'll find a list of websites offering video content for a long list of topics.

Teachers can spend hours scouring through the Internet for those topics, or they can review the list below and choose from any of these eleven great websites for high-quality classroom videos.

Classroom Videos for Every Subject

While you can find a number of sites that try to cover all educational subjects under the sun when offering videos online, you'll find a wider selection of content if you try to use those sites that specialize in specific subjects.

The following article is a review of those websites, so that if you're a teacher within those specific subject areas, you'll have a few more great websites to add to your list of sources for great classroom video content.

Math Videos

The website known as HippoCampus provides great free content for Middle School classrooms. It does cover a wide range of topics, such as economics and history, but by far the content areas where it offers the most content is science and math.

video sites
HippoCampus Math and Science

With a free account at HippoCampus, you can actually customize the site for video content in your preferred subject area, and you can share playlists from the site that you create with your own students.

In the area of math, one of the most comprehensive websites for classroom video content is definitely MathTV.

This website contains videos and subject matter detailing topics like Algebra, Trigonometry, and even topics as advanced as Calculus, with videos focused on topics like derivatives and integration.

video sites
Math TV Math Content

The site content areas show lessons containing math questions, and underneath those questions, there are a variety of experts to choose from that will explain, in a video format, how to solve that problem.

English Videos

If you're an English teacher, there are probably more online videos for that subject area than just about any other area of study. One of the best websites with free English videos is a website called engVid.

free video sites
engVid English Video Lessons

On this website, you can browse for English videos by clicking on either "All Lessons" and searching them all, or clicking on "Topics" and focusing on an area like grammar, expressions, comprehension and more.

Another great site that is geared more toward grammar school English level topics is FunEnglishGames.com. The video area of the site provides videos under Vocabulary, Grammar and even "Funny" and "For Kids".

free video sites
Fun English Games

The site name itself is a bit of a misnomer, because it isn't exactly only a game site, but it does actually offer an area with games for learning English.

Probably one of the most voluminous websites for English content is the English Global Group website. This website has an extensive menu at the top of the site featuring topics like vocabulary, idioms, conversation and even slang.

free video sites
EGG English Videos

Clicking on any of those areas lists a long collection of content focusing on those specific areas. The entire site is free and boasts a collection of 2000 videos and activities. It's great for English students as well as ESL students.

Science Videos

Science is another one of those topics areas where there's just a plethora of online content to choose from that is all great for the classroom. One site that is actually set up like a science video search engine is Science Hack.

classroom videos
Science Hack Main Page

Science hack as category areas like physics, chemistry and space, but you can just type in any topic that you like into the search field at the top and click the "Search" button to find the video you're looking for.

Another site based out of New Zealand is called Science Kids, with a tagline that reads "Fun science & technology for kids!"

classroom videos
Science Kids Main Page

At science kids, you'll find fantastic content for the science classroom, such as videos covering technology, animals, chemistry, experiments and much more.

Of course, you can always turn to the websites of popular U.S. television stations that focus on science, and you're sure to find free video content that would make for excellent classroom learning material. One example of this is the science discovery website offered by the SCI channel.

classroom videos
Discovery Science

There, you'll find content from science-based shows like How the Universe Works and Fringe. Not only are these educational, but they're professional produced and very entertaining to watch.

Social Studies Videos

The subject of social studies is one that covers a very large collection of interesting areas of study. For example, it can include both local and world politics, cultural issues, social issues and so much more.

One of the best websites for video content on these sorts of topics that you can utilize in your own social studies classroom is Discovery Education's social studies section.

video sites
Discovery Education

This area has video content on topics like the U.S. election process and presidential powers, and other areas of the Discovery Education are peppered with video content for other subject areas as well, among the sections for teachers, parents and students.

Finally, believe it or not, Disney offers a great educational website with an area devoted to social studies as well. Here, students can watch content from hit Disney productions like The American Presidents, and ABC News Classroom.

In fact, at least in the area of social studies, news content throughout the Internet can also make for great social studies content inside of the classroom, and it can spark valuable conversations about the world today.

As you can see, no matter what subject matter you focus on in the classroom, there's a website out there with excellent video content to help supplement classroom learning.

Written January 9, 2013 by Ryan Dube


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