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Top 2011 Sites For Digital Storytelling

One of the first things that children upon entering grammar school is storytelling.

Telling stories or reading stories is usually how teachers instill important lessons to younger students. Stories teach children how to share, how to be considerate, and how to grow and learn.

At some point, the roles reverse, and children are challenged to come up with stories of their own. Storytelling is a lost art. It was used by many cultures through the generations to pass down history and important cultural lessons.

These days, storytelling has migrated to the online world, where it could include blogs, photo galleries, podcasts and many other types of media. While this can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, it is also very exciting because it offers children a way to utilize their particular talents to tell stories in ways that may be more comfortable and easier for them.

In his article "11 Digital Storytelling Tools", Richard Byrne dives into some of the Internet's best resources when it comes to guiding kids through that process.

To get started, Byrne covers the Digital Storytelling Teacher Guide offered by Microsoft, which is an excellent place to start for teachers that may not really understand yet exactly what options are available when it comes to helping students express themselves in a virtual world.

Byrne also coveres Little Bird Tales, which is a wonderful website created to help younger children walk through the process of creating a story with photo or drawn images, audio recordings and even webcam video captured at home with the help of parents.

Other sites covered include the very helpful site the Digital Directors Guild, the free video editing service JayCut, and the online service called Animoto that lets you turn pictures into video with sound and text.

Check out Byrne's full list of digital storytelling resources at Free Technology for Teachers.

Written April 18, 2012 by Ryan Dube


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