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Top 2011 Art And Music Sites

If there is a single most effective way to motivate kids in any educational setting, it is through art and music.

Both art and music are able to inspire some of the most impressive examples of creativity in a classroom setting.

Utilizing the creative arts is not limited to art class or music class. Just about any subject matter can benefit by incorporating music or art. Consider a history class that explores some of the folk music from the era being studied. Or maybe a math class could examine the geometric patterns found in certain works of art.

In a publication at Free Technology for Teachers, writer Richard Byrne covers a list of some of the best websites to teach children - in a sensitive way - about the dangers that exist on the web.

If you're considering using art or music as part of your curriculum, then you'll want to take a look at the list put together by Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers.

Byrne provided a list of useful resources that educators can use to get started with art or music in the classroom. One example is the Museum of Modern Art, which actually offers lesson plans to teachers that would like to integrate art into the classroom.

Another resource is a website called Incredibox, which lets you create all sorts or sounds and rhythms. Let students explore their musical talents with this tool, or incorporate it into lessons about timing, fractions or tribal music.

The possibilities are unlimited when you use art and music in the curriculum. Other resources listed by Byrne include Art Babble by the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the art history site called Smarthistory, and the virtual museum tour site called MOOM.

Check out all of Byrne's selections at Free Technology for Teachers.

Written May 1, 2012 by Ryan Dube

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11/23/2015 Sinara
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