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The Starfall Store - Educational Products For a Classroom or Homeschooling Curriculum

If you've been searching high and low for high quality educational products that focus on the reading curriculum, the Starfall Store is one of the first places you should check out. Starfall actually started originally in 2002 as a non-profit organization, set up to help children learn to read using the phonics technique.

The site still operates today primarily as a website where parents can direct their kids to go for entertainment. Without even realizing it, by playing Starfall games, children are learning to read better through phonics. The main site consists of the large activity area, organized into four major sections, representing the four levels of reading - ABC's, Learn to Read, It's Fun to Read and I'm Reading.

kindergarten curriculum
StarFall Free Activities

Within each of these sections, there are well made animated activities that keep children engaged and interested in the process of learning their alphabet and how to read.

kindergarten curriculum
Learning the Alphabet

For example, in the preschool/kindergarten alphabet area, little ants carry a capital "A" and a little "a" onto the screen while theme music plays in the background and the child narrator pronounces the letter.

There are few sites that offer these sort of resources for free. The activities and free learning areas aren't all that Starfall offers. In fact, the website has a great deal of information geared toward helping educators with the phonics approach. To this end, Starfall created an exclusive Kindergarten Reading and Language Arts Curriculum, which they offer for sale to teachers or as a homeschooling curriculum for homeschool parents.

The Starfall curriculum kit includes the complete program, with reading materials, worksheets and workbooks and even a Backpack Bear mascot that encourages children to use their imagination while reading stories. The curriculum isn't free, but considering that it includes the full kindergarten program, the price is very reasonable.

homeschooling curriculum
Kindergarten Reading & Language Arts Program

If you can't afford the full curriculum, you might consider visiting the Starfall free download area, where you'll find resources that are available for free for non-commercial use only. These downloads include journals, books, printable awards, activities and more.

Of course, the largest area of Starfall is now the tremendous online store where you'll find an amazing assortment of curriculum materials for reading and language arts.

homeschooling curriculum
Bulk Educational Items

In the "Bulk Items" section of the online store, you'll find collections and boxed sets of things like books, CD's filled with Starfall content, games and journals. These materials would work great in any classroom, but they are especially valuable to homeschooling families that need effective and affordable learning materials.

homeschooling curriculum
Individual Educational Products

In the individual product section, you'll discover an assortment of items like boxed book sets, sing-along audio CDs, individual phonics books and even phonics puzzle sets! Just about all items come with either an individual discount or a bulk discount, and you can order them directly from the website and have them delivered to your door.

No matter what level your child is at in their reading abilities and comprehension, the products available at Starfall can help your children advance to a level of reading skill that's equal to or even greater than their age group. There are few moments in a parent's life much more pleasant than seeing a child's grades increase dramatically in a short period of time. Time and time again, phonics has helped make that dream a reality. So check out the Starfall Store today and begin exploring how you can incorporate phonics into your classroom or homeschooling curriculum today.

Written April 15, 2010 by Ryan Dube


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