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SpellingCity.com Releases Free iPhone / iPad App

In August 2012, the website Spellingcity.com released a free app for iPad / iPhone, which features seven of the most popular activities on Spellingcity.com.

TeachMe is an activity that introduces students to a new word list. Each word is read aloud, spelled letter-by-letter and used in a context-rich sentence.

The activities MatchIt Sentences, WhichWord? Sentences, and Sentence Unscramble help kids practice using words in context.

The vocabulary game HangMouse is a VocabularySpellingCity favorite that lets kids decode each word in a friendly version of traditional Hangman.

Finally, kids may be tested on their spelling words using Spelling TestMe or on their vocabulary words using Vocabulary TestMe.

A number of sample word lists are provided, and students can also search for word lists saved to their teachers' or parents' VocabularySpellingCity account. Students of Premium Members have the ability to log in to the app for easy access to word lists, plus their activities and test scores will be automatically recorded for their teachers or parents.

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Written August 29, 2012


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