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Best Websites for Students to Ask Science Questions

If you are a parent of a child that sometimes struggles with science, it can be difficult to help them, especially if you don't personally have a lot of experience or knowledge in science.

Both inside or outside of school, children ask science questions all the time. Why is the sky blue? How do snowflakes get shaped? These are questions that almost every parent faces. As children advance into upper grades and high school, when they ask science questions they are usually more advanced.

The following list represents ten of the best online resources that children or parents can use to ask science questions, or search science questions that are already answered. These sites are either moderated by science experts that personally answer questions themselves, or they are supported by visitors that have a science background and volunteer to answer student questions. In either case, these sites can really help when you just don't know where else to turn to help your child with their science homework.

Electricity Questions

Bill Beaty created this website devoted to electricity in 1999. Ever since then, he's been personally answering questions related to the science of electricity.

ask science questions
Ask Electricity Questions

The site itself has a bit of an outdated design, but you can find questions that Bill has answered archived all the way back to 1999. If you don't find the information you're looking for, go ahead and post your own question. Bill will answer it personally!

Alfy Answers and Quizzes

Alfy is a fantastic resource, not only for questions but also as a fun place for kids to spend time while learning. At Alfy, kids can play games, answer polls, have conversations on the forums, and even find some interesting arts & crafts.

ask science questions
Alfy Questions and Answers

Alfy is probably also one of the easiest places to get science questions answered. On the "Answers" page, there's a field where you can quickly post your question. Visitors to the site that know the answer can reply.


Like Alfy, at WebAnswers kids can post questions and get answers from people that are registered to provide answers. There are many categories at WebAnswers, but the "Science & Math" category covers just about every branch of science you could imagine.

ask science questions
Science & Math at WebAnswers

At WebAnswers, you can either click on one of the science categories and search for an answer to your question, or just click on the "Ask" tab and post your own question.

New Scientist

The tagline at this New Scientist page called "The Last Word" is "The science of everyday things." It's actually a page for anyone to post their science questions, but it's especially useful for kids that are curious about some of those fundamental science questions.

science questions
The Last Word

Anyone can post questions, but you do need to sign up for a membership, so kids will need to ask their parents for permission before posting any questions.


AllExperts is a popular question and answer site that features registered "experts" who are ready to answer any questions posed on the site. Any site that has experts makes for excellent resources to get science questions answered.

science questions
Ask Experts at AllExperts

The process at AllExperts is a little different. The site encourages visitors to first browser through answers published by experts. If the answer isn't already there, then you should ask a specific expert directly.

Argonne National Lab

The "Ask a Scientist" site is offered by none other than Argonne National Laboratory. It is a public service supported by the Department of Education and the Department of Energy.

science questions
Ask a Scientist

The website reportedly receives over ten million hits a month, with a great deal of questions submitted by visitors. Because of this, you may often find that the site is off-line. However, there's an extensive archive area that you can use to search for answers to your questions.

Mad Sci Network

The Mad Science Network is a fantastic resource for kids that love science. Not only will you find an archive of over 36,000 answers to past questions that have already been answered, but there's also an "Ask-A-Scientist" section for more questions.

answer science questions
Ask-A-Scientist and More

In addition to Ask-A-Scientist, students can test their knowledge with the knowledge generator, try fun experiments at "MAD Labs" or visit the MadSci Library for help with science research.


TutorNext is more commonly known as a resource for obtaining online tutors. While the tutor service isn't free, the "Answers" section of the website is.

answer science questions
Ask Questions on TutorNext

In the Answers section, you post any science question you like. People are encouraged to answer to earn points and built their credibility as "experts" on the site.

InfoPlease Homework Center

If you can't seem to find any answers from the question & answer sites, InfoPlease may be a good resource to turn to. Like a virtual encyclopedia, it has information on a very wide range of topics kids will encounter in Science class.

answer science questions
The Science Homework Center

The site has a special homework center just for the Sciences where kids can search for the information they need. This is an excellent resource for writing a term paper or doing research for any science project.

How Everything Works

Like the other sites above the offer an archive of past answers, How Everything Works has a topics page that lists topics such as airplanes, clocks, roller coasters and much more. This website is focused primarily on Physics.

science questions
Past Questions and Answers

At each section, you'll find all of the past questions and answers posed by visitors. If you can't find what you're looking for, click on "Ask a Question" and fill out the form with your own query.

The ability to pose science questions online is a very nice feature for kids, especially when they are stuck and trying to understand especially difficult homework problems.

Sometimes, the level of required scientific knowledge rises above that of parents, so all of these websites provide much-needed help to both the students and parents. They shouldn't be used to answer homework questions, but they are important tools to assist children with understanding difficult or complex scientific ideas.

Written November 21, 2010 by Ryan Dube


User Reviews & Comments

04/26/2015 x
what will happen if negative terminal of a device is connected to an earthen pot or earthed?

01/23/2015 jawad liaqat
how many time is take by water gass to live in the form of water gass? Please answer me on my email as soon as possible

09/27/2014 Dave
Your inclusion of WebAnswers.com in this list is misleading. Members must be age 18 or older to participate on the site. It is not suitable for school kids to be posting their questions on this site. Their entire account and all content are regularly deleted as discovered. You can confirm the age restriction by reviewing the Member Agreement, linked at the bottom of any page on the site.

02/02/2012 denay
its my first year of high school and i need to know what famous scientists who reaserched the question why is the sky blue? if you know the answer email me asap

02/02/2012 denay
its my first year of high school and i need to know what famous scientists who reaserched the question why is the sky blue? if you know the answer email me asap

12/11/2010 Jenny
I thought this site I found was quite sweet and covers lots of the questions asked by my children: http://www.butwhydad.co.uk

12/11/2010 Jenny
I thought this site I found was quite sweet and covers lots of the questions asked by my children: http://www.butwhydad.co.uk

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