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Get Rosetta Stone Cheap With Special Codes and Discounts

This article is a summary of discounts, tips and coupon resources where you can obtain the language software called Rosetta Stone for cheap.

The software is named after a stone tablet, known today as the "Rosetta Stone," which was discovered at Rosette in the Nile Delta, in 1799 by Pierra Francois-Xavier Bouchards, one of Napoleon's army engineers. The stone contained three languages on it, which eventually helped Egyptologists finally develop a way to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs, which were previously a mystery.

Because of the history of the stone, it is apt that an effective language software application would assume the name Rosetta Stone. Just like the original stone helped to unlock the mystery of Egyptian language, the Rosetta Stone application will help you unlock the mystery to any language you'd like to learn.

The Rosetta Stone language software is highly popular, and that popularity is due mostly to the fact that instead of using the traditional approach of getting students to memorize words, the Rosetta software immerses the student into the foreign world where the new language is used.

rosetta stone cheap
The Rosetta Stone Website

Much like a child repeats words that are, at first, alien to her, a Rosetta Stone student experiences and learns objects, circumstances and conversations through this virtual experience in the same way.

rosetta stone cheap
Learning Colors and Objects

According to a study at Queens College City University in New York, a total of 55 hours spent using Rosetta Stone software was considered equivalent to taking one full semester of language study at the University. The Rosetta Stone company publishes dozens of rave reviews about how effective and useful the software is.

rosetta stone cheap
Rosetta Stone Reviews

Obviously, the first place to check for any discounts on the Rosetta Stone software would be the official Rosetta Stone website. Often, you'll find that significant discounts are offered directly from the main page in order to attract new customers to the software product. These limited time discounts can range from $50 to $150 off of the retail value of these products.

For example, a 2010 summer discount featured a level 1 and 2 set for learning German, retailed at $409, for just $368. Available languages include French, Spanish, Polish, Welsh, Thai, Japanese and many more.

Other Places to Find Rosetta Stone Discounts

If you want to potentially get even larger discounts off of the retail value of the software, there are a few other places online that you could check out.

For anyone looking to learn a new language, the Rosetta Stone software is definitely a groundbreaking approach to language comprehension and learning. Rather than memorizing and trying to associate words you know in your own language to words of a different language, you'll actually recognize the words associate them with their original meaning.

Before you start looking for Rosetta Stone cheap through discounts, first make sure to check the Rosetta Stone website for any discounts offered to corporate, government or educational institutions. The company offers special pricing options for all of these organizations.

Even if you feel that Rosetta Stone is expensive even with the discounts, remember that learning a language is truly an investment in yourself. It's also an investment that you can offer to and enjoy with the rest of your family as well.

Written December 30, 2010 by Ryan Dube


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