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More.Starfall.com: More Fantastic Literacy Resources from Starfall.com

Backpack BearThere's hardly another site on the internet that is more adored by young children than Starfall.com. Lucky for them (and their parents and teachers, too!), in June 2009, Starfall.com launched it's sister subscription-based website called more.starfall.com.

With a subscription to more.starfall.com, your child will have access to all of the content they have grown to love on Starfall.com, in addition to many other activities such as to colors, numbers, rebus stories, puzzle games, decodable short vowel books, motion and math songs, and resources for teachers, too! Backpack Bear, the Starfall Kindergarten mascot, is present in many of the new adventures on more.starfall.com, as well as many other characters your child is already familiar with.

More Starfall
The more.starfall.com main menu

Learning with Backpack Bear
More.starfall.com offers the same literacy activities found at Starfall.com, including ABCs, Learn to Read, It's Fun to Read, and I'm Reading, as well as some fabulous new additions. Backpack Bear has written some ABC Rhymes to help children learn their letters and sounds. Each rhyme focuses on one letter of the alphabet and there are 4 rhymes that include blends. The rhymes can either be read or listened to, and at the end of the rhyme a handwriting demonstration is done for capital and lowercase letters.

Starfall ABC Rhymes

Also new on more.starfall.com is Backpack Bear's Books. Backpack Bear's Books contains 3 parts: Play, Books, and Concepts. The Play section consists of games in which children click and drag puzzle pieces to make 3 short sentences followed by a short animation of the sentence. The Books section includes books featuring Backpack Bear as the main character. Each book contains content that can be listened to or read individually. Some of the book titles included are "At School", "The Map", and "At the Library". The Concepts portion focuses on short informational animations to help kids better understand computers, weather, and Backpack Bear himself!

Learning Through Music
More.starfall.com offers a variety of new songs and musical videos for your child to enjoy. The Motion Songs include beloved tunes such as Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes and If You're Happy and You Know It. There is also a section of Math songs great for learning to count such as 10 Little Monkeys and Once I Caught a Fish Alive. The Historical Folk Songs section includes songs such as Oh California and Home on the Range, so there is a vast variety for all musical tastes. More.starfall.com also offers videos for the most popular nursery rhymes including Little Miss Muffet, Eensy Weensy Spider, and Wheels on the Bus. One of the most exciting features of more.starfall.com is that you no longer have to access the actual site in order to enjoy these Starfall songs. You can now listen to and download all of these songs with your subscription to more.starfall.com. Simply click on the "Starfall Songs" player on the homepage and visit the music player to access 48 fun-filled, educational songs.

Starfall Music Player

Additional Educational Content
In the Word Machines activity, children can choose a short or long vowel and create words with that letter using the Starfall Word Machine. The word is read aloud by the Word Machine and each letter is sounded out. Then an image of the word appears and slides down the conveyor belt. Change the beginning and ending letters to make a new word and play again. The Word Machine is a great way for children to learn to read and spell common three letter words. Short Vowel Pals is another new addition where children can read other short selections while focusing on vowel pals, such as "Zac and Cat" and "Bug in a Jug". Two final additions include the Numbers section, which introduces children to numerals, sets of objects, and number words, and Colors, which aides kids in recognizing colors and reading color words.

Word Machine Activity

Short Vowels Activity

But Wait....There's More! (Just for Teachers)
The more.starfall.com Teacher's Lounge is a tremendous resource for teacher's tools. Printables, projectables, vocabulary word cards and lists, and lesson plans for an entire year can be found in the Teacher's Lounge. The resources are very easy to use and print, and the font size can be altered to you and your students' taste. You can preview the Teacher's Lounge by clicking here.

Ready to Join?
A yearly subscription to more.starfall.com for home use is $35, with additional pricing available for classrooms and schools. Click here if you'd like to learn more, or click here to join so your child can immediately access the fun, educational, and trusted content offered by more.starfall.com.

Written November 14, 2009 by Amber Coggin

K-12 , Reading

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01/28/2015 malia
shit this site cool

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12/04/2009 stephanie

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