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How to Have Fun With IQ Scores in the Classroom

One of the most poorly understood and controversial topics in any school system are the concept of student IQ and proper ways to test for it.

Then, there's the issue of whether IQ is actually fluid rather than fixed for life. For example, on 2012 study in Norway found that students that were kept in school longer - such as age sixteen rather than fourteen for example - ended up scoring higher on intelligence tests. http://learningenglish.voanews.com/content/more-school-may-mean-higher-iq-scores-137183213/113924.html

Another interesting research study examined how students performed on IQ tests when they were socially ranked as high performers or low performers. Depending on "social feedback" of performance during a test, some students improved performance while those dubbed "low performers" consistently performed badly.

What this implies is that there are in fact ways to give younger children a better footing when it comes to achieving greater IQ scores in upper grade levels.

How to Train Cognitive Performance

Today, there are more and more findings that reveal that cognitive ability and what is defined as "IQ" can be affected with training. A Scientific America article described how one therapist was able to use something called "multimodal techniques" to help one mildly autistic student increase IQ test scores by an astonishing 20 point increase.

These findings show that there are certainly things that teachers can do in the classroom that may help students improve their cognitive skills and ultimately improve IQ scores.

The great thing about IQ scores and intelligence-related activities and games is that they are lots of fun, and great for a classroom environment.

Below are a few great activities available online that can help educators make better use of IQ games and intelligence-boosting activities in any classroom with a computer.

Schoool Tutoring

Brain Metrix is an interesting site with a tagline of "train the brain". Here, you'll find a long list of "brain training games" with names like Brain Reflection, Brain Fitness and Cognitive Training.

One of my favorites is a very difficult, but very addictive "Concentration Game" where you are required to try and get all buttons to display "0" by clicking on numbers, which reduces that number by one, as well as corresponding numbers on all sides.

iq scores
Playing the Concentration Game

Another interesting game at Brain Metrix is one called Chess Knight, where you have a single knight piece on a chess board. Your mission is to move the game piece like you normally would across the board so that you eventually land the knight on every single space of the board using the fewest possible moves, with the best score being 65 - or one landing for each space.

iq scores
Chess Knight

All of the activities at Brain Metrix are based on logic and analysis. You really have to think hard to accomplish the goal, and by having students play these games and even compete with each other to obtain the best scores - they are training their cognitive skills without even realizing it.


If you want to focus more on actual "training" rather than game playing, you can put your students through the innovative "Luminosity" personalized brain training program.

When you first launch the Luminosity training program, it will ask you what areas of your congnitive abilities you want to train within areas like memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving. Your answers create a personalized, customized brain training program.

iq games
Luminosity Personalized Training

Once you fill in your details to sign up for a unique account (each student should have their own account), the system then generates the personalized training system.

Each day you will have several activities to use that will help you to train your brain in the different areas you've specified that you'd like to improve. For example, one of the memory games is a pattern matching game.

iq games
Luminosity Pattern Matching

Similar to this one is a second game that is an image or symbol matching game where you need to recall whether or not the symbols shown later on the screen match the one you were supposed to remember.

iq games
Luminosity Symbol Matching

These are the sort of games that directly train kids in activities very similar to what you would find on an actual IQ test. Whether it actually increases IQ itself, or simply improves skill with those sorts of activities, is questionable - but if it increases your students IQ scores in any way - then that's a good thing.

Willing Games

Another great place to find IQ games for the classroom is any Flash Game website for kids. One of those is Willing Games, a site that is chock-full of great games for kids of all ages. If you search for IQ Games, you'll find some fun "IQ Challenge" type games like Animal Cross.

intelligence scores
Willing Games Flash Games

Another example is Shape Binder, where you need to combine smaller pieces into a pattern that matches the original target pattern. The closer a match you make to the original, the higher your score.

intelligence scores
Putting Patterns Together

Kids will love this one because it's more like an arcade game than it is an actual IQ "test".

Keep in mind that sites like Willing Games are filled with Flash Games of all variety, not just games for kids. So, if you're planning on using these in your classroom, you'll need to dig for the IQ related games you want to use first.

Brain Training 101

One of the best brain-training game sites for an educational environment is Braintraining101.com. The logo of this site is "build a better brain", with training activities in categories like Animated Puzzle, Eyesight Challenge or Code Breaking.

For example, the Eyesight Challenge game tests the child's ability to recognize objects and patterns inside of larger pictures within a time limit.

intelligence scores
Eyesight Challenge

Another example is "Missing Puzzle Piece", where the child needs to choose the correct puzzle piece to complete the puzzle, within the fastest time possible.

intelligence games
Missing Puzzle Piece

Braintraining101.com is exclusively for brain training activities, mostly off of which are appropriate for children. So, this website is probably one of the most suited for linking to from a classroom computer. Students would benefit from any of the activities at this site that are sure to improve IQ scores.

Games for the Brain

Another great site for students in your classroom to "train their brain" is at Games For The Brain, a site with about 28 games on the main page, and a link to even more Word games deeper into the site.

One fun game is called "Game that you Can't Stop", where you have to bounce falling balls on a giant sphere, and make them stick to either the side walls or each other.

intelligence games
The Game You Can't Stop

This is only one sample of the list of really fun games that you'll find at this site. Your students won't even realize they're increasing their IQ score as they play these awesome games.

Link to these websites from your classroom computer, and let your students try out a few. The best part of letting students play these games is that you can rest assured that while they're having lots of fun, you're also making sure that they are getting an education that'll truly improve their cognitive skills and test scores for the future.

Written July 30, 2012 By Ryan Dube


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