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Free Educational Flash Cards for Science, English and Math

When it comes to learning new ideas and concepts, a significant part of the battle is simply remembering definitions, facts, dates and more. There are many learning systems that educators have developed over the years to help students learn better, but inevitably the core of every learning system is some form of flash card exercise. It is for this reason that so many parents, teachers and even students themselves look for websites and programs where you can make your own flash cards.

There are many sites that offer some form of free flash cards. In most cases you can create and use free flashcards directly online. In other cases there's even the option to print out flash cards from a PDF format or even a PowerPoint file.

If you are a teacher looking for a more interactive and effective way to engage your students and help them learn, or if you're a student looking for a more effective approach to memorize those science, english or math terms - then look no further. This article will detail six excellent services where you can make your own flash cards that will enhance the effectiveness of your studying and memorization.

Personal Educational Press is one of the best websites for free printable flash cards. Ironically, it's also the one on the list that has the poorest design in terms of web page layout. Despite this flaw, the features at Educational Press are wonderful. You can choose from language arts, math, science or social studies, and select from a wide range of premade flash cards - complete with terms and definitions.

printable math flash cards
Select Your Flash Cards

Even though you can't generate your own flash cards from scratch, the selection here is so wide that you'll likely be able to find exactly what you want. When you do find the question/answer selection that you like, there are a number of excellent things you can do with it, including printing out flash cards or signs, creating a game board, study sheets or quizzes, and there's even a very fun option to play online Flash Games with the flash card options that you've selected.

printable math flash cards
Free Printable Flash Cards

If you choose to print your flash cards, you can do so for absolutely free. The output format for this site is a PDF file. You can choose to print a set of sheets with the words and a separate set of sheets with the answers, or you can opt for double-sided sheets if your printer has dual-sided printing capability.

Flash Card Exchange is aptly named because it is a website where people create and exchange entire sets of flash cards. While you need to be a paid member to print any of the flash card sets, using any of the cards in the directory in an online study session is without cost.

make your own flash cards
Make Your Own Flash Cards

Creating your flash cards is fast and easy. If you are okay with having your students access the flash cards online, then this free service is an excellent tool you can use to offer children a powerful and effective tool that will help them study. They can access your online flash cards online from anywhere.

make your own flash cards
Browse Other Flash Card Sets

If you don't really want to take the time to make your own flash cards, then try searching through the volumes of existing flash cards that are already available. The Flashcard Exchange is an entire community of people exchanging flash cards, so you'll find hundreds to thousands of flash cards that could prove useful in your own classroom. Subjects span from early and elementary education to college-level science and math concepts.

make your own flash cards
Study Online

When you find a set that you like, just click the "Study" button at the top of the screen and the system will step you through each flash card one at a time. Try to figure out the answer, and then click next to receive the correct answer. It's like having a friend to flip flash cards for you, but you can study on your own.

ProProfs is one of the few truly free sites where you can find or create free printable flash cards of any variety and without limitation. The directory of user-created cards is a valuable tool for any educator, especially considering that you can print any of these flash card sets for completely free, unlike other sites that require a paid membership to print.

printable math flash cards
ProProfs Flash Cards

At ProProfs, you can decide whether you want to create your own flash cards, or explore the large library of existing flash cards to print. There's even a search feature if there is a specific topic that you're looking for.

free printable flash cards
Creating Your Flash Cards

If you do decide to create your own cards, the available tool is fast, easy and very flexible. You can adjust the size and font of the text, and you can even modify colors to make your cards a bit more creative.

free printable flash cards
An Assortment of Sets at ProProfs

The majority of cards available at this site are for advanced or college level topics, but you'll also find plenty of english, math or science cards for the elementary school level, such as the set shown here for 6th grade math terms. Also, unlike most other sites like this, you can click on the "Print" link at the top and print out your selected card sets for free.

FunnelBrain is a brand new online community centered on the creation of fun and educational flash card applications called "Flashcard Decks." Members can create a series of cards and then share them with other members of the community. You can generate your own series and then share them with a "study team" of members that you've invited.

free printable flash cardsCreate a Flashcard Deck at FunnelBrain

The decks are high quality online embedded tools and very fun to use. You can also browse the entire card series created by other members and use the cards yourself in your own studies. FunnelBrain is an excellent solution if you want one online location where you and your students can not only use the card tools, but you can also exchange comments and even chat with each other live on the site.

A couple of sites that deserve honorable mention is ESL Flashcards, for English as a Second Language study, and the flash card section of MES English. Both of these sites offer free, printable flash card sets that are geared toward visual learning - using graphics instead of words to teach meanings and concepts.

Sometimes, learning new ideas can feel overwhelming. Free online tools and resources that focus on using flashcard learning will help you or your students put those concepts into your mind and keep them there. Practicing with flashcards is one of the most effective ways to learn, and using these free tools will help you remember with as little effort as possible.

Written April 26, 2010 by Ryan Dube

Languages , Mathematics , Science

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04/17/2011 Eel
I'm not easily imrspseed. . . but that's impressing me! :)

04/17/2011 Eel
I'm not easily imrspseed. . . but that's impressing me! :)

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