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7 Sites to Help Your College Students Job Search

If you're a college student, or the parent of a college student, then you know that graduation can be a very stressful time. Beyond the ceremonies and speeches, at graduation, students are faced with the life-changing prospect of finding their first job.

Finding that first job is a lot easier said than done. If they were smart, students started looking early and applied for summer internships long before graduation. If they waited, then at graduation they will be faced with entering into the professional job market cold.

The good news is that there are some great websites out there that cater to newly graduated, or soon-to graduate students who are looking for their first internship or their first entry-level professional position.

The following websites provide students with a variety of very valuable resources when it comes to landing that first job. Some of the sites offer resume tips and advice, useful articles, and of course a job search engine that is focused primarily on entry-level jobs or promising internships.


All you need to sign up at AfterCollege is an email address, but what you get in return for signing up is access to not only listings of entry-level jobs and lots of internships, but students can also apply for an AfterCollege scholarship. AfterCollege has given out scholarships to college students studying in a variety of fields, including engineering, science, nursing, healthcare and social studies.

student job search
AfterCollege Main Page

AfterCollege even offers useful tools and resources to college faculty and career centers that would like to use the AfterCollege website to help students at their University find rewarding careers. This isn't just some fly-by-night website. AfterCollege provides an email and phone contact for college faculty, and for potential employers that would like to post internships or entry level openings for students.

USA Jobs

Another very useful site for finding great jobs for U.S. Students is USA Jobs. The site is focused exclusively on job openings for the U.S. Government, and often the government is especially looking for students to fill summer internships and entry-level positions.

student job search
USA Jobs

Students can search by job type or any other keyword, as well as a geographic location. The job listings at US Jobs are very detailed, and include the Department of the Government with the opening, the grade level of the position, whether it's full time or temporary, and even the potential salary range for the position.

College Jobs at Monster

No list of job search websites would be complete without including Monster.com. Monster is probably the largest, most comprehensive list of jobs that are available in the United States. Monster understands the value of having an effective job search tool upon graduating college, so it instituted a new section of the website called Monster College.

job search services
Monster College

Monster College offers a job search just like the one offered on Monster's core website, but in the college section, students will also find articles and advice about getting internships, polishing resumes, and other career advice. This section is also where college and university career centers can turn to for resources to offer their students for finding jobs.

Snag a Job

Students don't only need work after college, they also need to find paying jobs that will help them earn their way through college. In the current global economy, even with scholarships, most students have to find a way to pay for college with some money out of their own pockets. Then there's also living expenses on top of that.

job search services
Snagajob Main Page

Snagajob is a website focused on helping students get started in their dream jobs right away, even before college. This is a website for "student jobs", and it even includes articles and tips on subjects like how students can balance their job and their education in a healthy way.

Career Rookie

Career Rookie is an aptly named website, because it is focused entirely on helping "rookies" in any career find their first job. The site is focused on entry level positions within any job field.

job search services
Career Rookie

Search by keyword, location, and even how recent the job has been posted to the site. Career Rookie isn't quite as comprehensive in job listings as some of the much larger job search websites out there, but if you are looking for a new job and don't mind moving to any part of the world for that entry-level role, then this is a great resource for you.

College Recruiter

College Recruiter has the tagline "college career connector", because that's exactly what the site seeks to do - connect recent college graduates with their future careers.

job search websites
College Recruiter Search

The job search engine is very simple and straightforward. From the main page you can just search by job title and location, or you can click on "Advanced Job Search" and seek that entry-level dream job by more search terms.

job search websites
College Recruiter Job Listings

Like Career Rookie, the job listings are quite as high in volume as other websites, but as a resource specifically listing entry-level job opportunities, it is a good site to add to your list of places to search.


One of the hardest obstacles to overcome with an initial job search out of college is how to obtain a job that requires experience, when you have no experience. Thankfully, there are websites like Experience.com that seek to help students land that entry-level job that will give them the experience they need to get ahead in the career field of their choice.

job search websites
Experience.com Main Page

There are lots of entry-level positions listed on the site, but like the other smaller search engines listed in this article, the goal of using this tool is to be willing to relocate to just about any part of the world where the opportunity arises.

student job search
Experience.com Listings

Students will find some amazing and promising entry-level positions listed at this site. Keeping an open mind and maintaining geographic flexibility will go a long way toward landing that dream job.

If you are a college student or will be a college graduate shortly, make sure to bookmark all of the seven websites listed above. Visit them often, polish up your resume and cover letter, and start sending out your job applications to every opportunity that looks promising to you. With enough hard work, you will land the perfect job that you've always dreamed about.

Written October 8, 2012 by Ryan Dube


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03/07/2017 career
this websites provide students with a variety of very valuable resources when it comes to landing that first job. Some of the sites offer resume tips and advice, useful articles, and of course a job search engine that is focused primarily on entry-level jobs or promising internships. http://www.jumbojobs.com/jobs-in-vashi

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