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10 Best Websites with Book Reviews for Children's Books

Childrens BooksFor parents with children of any reading level, finding an age-appropriate book isn't always easy. There are also a lot of concerns that many parents have about the sort of content and subject matter that their kids are reading.

Additionally, teachers are also very selective about the sort of books that they choose to introduce to readers inside the classroom. The level of difficulty, the lessons introduced by the story, and the nature of the subject matter itself are all factors that many educators take into account.

For these reasons, reviews of children's books on the Internet are very much in demand. Reading is now recognized throughout the educational community as a critical and important skill that all students need in order to succeed in school.

This makes finding new and interesting reading material exciting, as well as a challenge. That challenge is made a little bit easier by the fact that there are so many fantastic websites online today that provide excellent reviews and a synopsis of the most popular children's books today.

The following list is ten of the best children's book review websites on the Internet.

The Children's Book Review

The Children's Book Review is clearly at the top of the list when it comes to getting the latest news and information about the newest children's books on the market.

childrens books
The Children's Book Review

This well-designed website features book information, full reviews, and an assortment of interviews with bestselling children's authors. You can click to sort books by age or category, and visit the book shop to buy any books that you're interested in.

Education Oasis

Educational Oasis is a website featuring resources for teachers. The site includes printables, organizers tips and even classroom advice for educators. It also offers a section listing children's books that have been reviewed by the site owner.

childrens books
Education Oasis Children's Book Review

Each book review is creatively written and well formatted, with a small image of the cover at the top, along with the title and book information. There aren't many reviews on the site at this time, but the ones that are there are very thorough.

Children's Book Reviews Wiki

ChildrensBookReviews is actually more of a Wikipedia style information site about children's books than it is just a standard website. From the main page, you can choose what level of books that you're interested in, sorted by age group.

childrens fiction books
Children's Book Review Wiki

There is nothing pretty about the books listings, but the resources are extensive. The list is so long that it needs to be sorted alphabetically. The reviews don't exist on the site itself. Instead, each link takes you to an external resource where you'll find a review for that book.

New York Times Book Reviews

As usual, the New York Times offers an impressive site that is devoted to children's book reviews.

childrens fiction books
New York Times Children's Books

From the Sunday Book Review feature on its website, just click on "Children's Books" in the right bar to see a listing of all of the children's book reviews the Times has published.

Through the Looking Glass

Looking Glass Book Reviews easily takes the prize when it comes to design quality of the site. The moment you land on the main page and see the beautiful imagery and fonts, you won't want to leave.

childrens fiction books
Through the Looking Glass Main Page

Through the Looking Glass is very much an online magazine for book lovers. Here, you'll find the Editor's Choice, seasonal features, book giveaways and much more.

Story Snoops

If you need to find a book review quickly, you can't go wrong with Story Snoops. The site offers an easy and convenient book search form that you can use to find reviews on the site.

childrens story books
Story Snoops Book Search

Unlike other sites where the articles are written by bloggers or professional book reviewers, Story Snoops offers content directly from parents that have read the books to their own kids.

Common Sense Media

Another nice site with a good search feature from the main page is Common Sense Media. This website lets you search for books by type, genre, age group and more.

childrens story books
Common Sense Book Search

Listings are easy to browse through, because they offer a small thumbnail of the book cover, the title, and a one-line synopsis of the storyline.

Spaghetti Book Club

Spaghetti Book Club might be the ugliest site on the list - with its ultra-bright purple background and multi-sized font, but it's also the most interesting site, because the reviews are offered by students themselves.

childrens story books
Spaghetti Book Club

Click through a few of the reviews, and you'll see descriptions of each book completed by school students throughout the Internet. Each review features the students name and school at the bottom.

The Reading Tub

The Reading Club is a website built to introduce reading to entire families, not just to kids. There are book reviews, a blog, and even a section on "Learning to Read."

childrens story books
The Reading Tub Main Page

The site is well laid out and the reviews are informative and helpful. However, the best thing about the site is the fact that it encourages parents to read more with their children.

The Super Mom

It may be surprising to see an independent blog on this list, but when you start reading through this website, you'll quickly discovery why it made the list. The Super Mom is actually Karlynn, a stay at home mom taking care of her own family.

childrens books
The Super Mom Blog

Since founding the site, she has hired additional writers and focuses on specific content areas. One of those is the "Book Nook" where you'll find book reviews laid out in a blog-like format. Book reviews mostly come from reader submissions, and are typically well written and very insightful.

If you are a parent searching for books for your kids that will not only be age appropriate and educational, but also interesting and fun to read, the sites listed above will offer you special insight into those books that simply reading the back cover never would.

Written September 28, 2011 by Ryan Dube


User Reviews & Comments

12/29/2014 debbie
check out bookroomreviews.com also very good

03/21/2012 kedar
I think http://www.bookchums.com/ is one of the popular sites for book reviews. http://www.bookchums.com/book-review.php here you can see reviews for books you want to read

03/21/2012 kedar
I think http://www.bookchums.com/ is one of the popular sites for book reviews. http://www.bookchums.com/book-review.php here you can see reviews for books you want to read

03/04/2012 Another source for reviews
Check out picurebookreviews.blog.com for children's picture books.

03/04/2012 Another source for reviews
Check out picurebookreviews.blog.com for children's picture books.

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