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Great Websites for Funny End Of Year School Awards for Students

One of the most difficult tasks for many teachers is the job of motivating and rewarding students. Most schools have nearly zero budget for gifts or rewards for students, so it often falls on the teacher's shoulders to creatively develop ways to keep students motivated.

During the school year, some teachers use techniques like bringing candy to school and passing pieces out to kids that get the right answers, or giving out big rewards like a free pizza party at the end of a term if the whole class achieves a certain average grade.

Another time that requires some form of reward or recognition is the end of a school year. The end of the year is a perfect time to recognize what makes each student special, and how they've individually excelled throughout the year.

One of the most common ways that teachers do this is by having an award ceremony on the last day of school. Passing out awards is a fun, inexpensive way to acknowledge each individual student and to help them feel proud of their accomplishments.

One of the most popular types of awards are funny end of year school awards that celebrate the individual strengths of students, and also remind the entire class of fun things that happened throughout the year.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find good ideas for funny end of year school awards. It takes a great deal of digging just to find one or two ideas. Fortunately, all the work has been done for you - below you'll find nine of the best websites for great certificates and awards.


TeacherVision is a popular website where teachers find things like free lesson plans and printables. There is also an entire section of the site devoted to Awards and Certificates.

funny end of year school awards
TeacherVision Main Page

You've find a whole variety of award ideas like "Acts of Kindness Award" and "Good Citizen Award", but if you want to create some really funny awards, the best bet is to customize some of the blank printables that you'll find throughout this site.

funny end of year school awards
Certificate of Appreciation

For example, the "Certificate of Appreciation" has plenty of room for you to write in all of the silly things that you appreciate about your students. For example, one award could be appreciation for wearing colorful clothes. Another could be appreciation for being the best at climbing the monkey bars.

Remember to just have fun with the awards - the more creative and personal they are, the more memorable they'll be for your students.

Kiz Club

Another useful site for blank awards is Kiz Club, a site that offers "learning resources for kids", including things like crafts, stories, flashcards and more.

At this site you'll also find a single page filled with about six unique award designs feathering sayings like "Good Job!", "You're Great!" and "I'm so proud of YOU!"

end of year school awards
Kiz Club Awards

Print these awards out, print the student's name on them, and then attach them to a funny picture of the student doing something especially silly during the school year. Students will get a laugh from the memory, and it'll be an award that they'll always remember.


An even better site for customizing your own awards is BillyBear4Kids. The "Create Your Own Awards" page lets you work through just a few easy steps to design your own funny end of school year awards. All you do is pick the top and side borders, the certificate seal, and then fill in the text that will display on the award.

end of year school awards
Create Your Own Awards

This is probably the most flexible website where you can make awards, because you can choose completely unique designs for individual students in your classroom. The award text area lets you customize who the award is for, the date, and of course a message where you can describe what the award is for.

KidBibs Make Awards

If you're looking for awards that are not only funny but also a bit witty, then your best bet is to use the KidBibs.com "Make Awards for Children" tool.

end of year school awards
Customized Funny Awards for Students

The themes that are available for the end of year awards here are really fun, with choices like the "Enthusiastic Participant Award", the "Observant Scientist Award" and even the "Persistent Pupil Award." No one ever said award ceremonies have to be boring - have a little fun with your students with these creative awards.

123 Certificates

123Certificates is another great site for finding high quality awards and certificates to give to your students at the end of the year. You'll find all sorts of awards, but the best area for the end of the year is the "good student/star student awards" section.

Teacher Planet Certificate Builder

One of the most popular sites online for educators is Teacher Planet. There you'll find free posters, quotes, and even coupons. Best of all, there's a certificates section where you can use the free "Certificate Builder" to customize your own end of school year awards.

school awards
Certificate Builder

In just a few easy steps, you can build customized certificates. Best of all the website even has a "Humor & Jokes" section where you can get ideas for funny things to write on the awards.

ABC Teach

ABC Teach bills itself as "The educator's online resource". If the certificates section is any indication, that's entirely true. On the certificates page you'll find lots of great award ideas like "I Know My Colors" or "Bookworm Award".

school awards
ABC Teach Awards

Keep in mind however that the free awards are the 20 or 30 listed toward the top. To access the full collection of awards, you'll need to become a member.

Crayola Certificate Maker

Last, but certainly not least, is the Crayola Certificate Maker. This is a site that lets you explore your creativity by designing certificates from scratch, using high quality designs and graphics that only Crayola can offer.

funny end of year school awards
Customized Crayola Certificates

You do have to register with Crayola to use the certificate maker tool, but registration is free.

Whether you're a teacher looking to put together fun and witty end of school awards for your students, or you're a parent looking for a cool way to celebrate the end of the school year with your child, customized certificates with a bit of humor thrown in are a perfect solution.

Written March 21, 2012 by Ryan Dube


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08/21/2014 Floria
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