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6 Great Avatar Generator Websites Kids Will Love

If you've used the Internet for any length of time, sooner or later you'll discover the need for an avatar.

Adults often use their actual picture as their avatar on websites like forums, blogs and social networks. However, when it comes to children that's really not a very good idea. Common sense on the Internet requires that kids keep their photographs off the web, so that no one can recognize them (or worse - stalk them) in real life.

Kids still need a way to represent their likeness and their personality online. This has developed a very strong demand for cartoon avatars, and for avatar generators. Many sites have cropped up to meet that demand, but the following 6 avatar generator websites produce some of the most unique and interesting avatars that kids love.


WeeWorld isn't just an avatar generator, it's actually a booming social network for young kids. Primarily for pre-teen kids, this site has a membership of over 40 million users, and features chatrooms and other areas where kids can interact and mingle with one another.

avatar generator
WeeWorld Avatar Maker

The WeeWorld avatar generator, and the characters in general, are really higher quality and better looking than most other online avatars. They look very much like the generic avatars in use throughout the Yahoo social networks. There also seem to be more selections available for clothing and appearance.

avatar generator
Embed Avatar Code

It's also extremely easy to use your WeeMee avatar throughout the net. Just click on the export link, and you'll see options to export your new Avatar to websites like Facebook, Twitter, your favorite IM clients, and you can even purchase t-Shirts and other products with your avatar on it!


For kids that love Legos, the Mini-Mizer is the perfect solution. The motto of the site is, "Picture Yourself in Plastic." All you have to do is choose the hairstyle, clothing, and accessories that make the little lego character look like you, and you're done!

avatar generator
Mini-Mizer Avatar Generator

You can really have fun with this one, and you can choose from a variety of backgrounds. If you intend to use the avatar throughout the web, it's best to stick to one of the solid color backgrounds. Keep in mind though, there is no export feature. You actually have to take a snapshot of the screen and then copy and paste the character into your favorite image editing program where you can save it as an image file.


Are you into art, or a little bit eccentric? Share your creative personality by creating an avatar at PicassoHead that looks like it was an image created by Picasso himself!

picture avatar generator
Create an Avatar

This is probably one of the most unique avatar generators on the web. Unlike other generators, you aren't building an entire body. You are building a face by piecing together different facial features into what some might call a work of art, and others might call a very odd-looking character. Either way, you'll end up with a personal avatar that's different and interesting.

Build Your Wild Self

Speaking of different and interesting, one of the favorite avatar generators among kids is definitely Build Your Wild Self, a fun tool offered by the New York Zoo and Aquarium. At this site, you can build an avatar using all of the usual eyes, mouth, and clothes, but what's the fun in that?

picture avatar generator
Build Your Wild Self Avatar

Instead, you can "build your wild self" by giving yourself the appendages and body parts of wild animals. You can become a fun part-human, part-animal character that your friends will notice and everyone online will be talking about.

picture avatar generator
Save Your Wild Self Avatar

And the beauty of this generator is that you're not tied down to using it on just this site. Once you're done, you'll have the option to email it to a friend, save it to your desktop, or print it out so that you can actually have a paper copy of your avatar to all of your friends.

My Avatar Editor

If you've ever played the Nintendo Wii, then you'll instantly recognize the avatars that are available at My Avatar Editor.

online animated avatar generator
Create Mii Avatars

This site offers an avatar generator tool that is identical to the one you use on the Wii to generate your Mii avatar. Build your character by selecting head shape, hair style, eye shape, nose shape and much more.

online animated avatar generator
Save Mii Avatars

When you're done, you've got lots of choices to save your new avatar. Just click on the little diskette image, and you can either save the avatar as an MAE format, as an XML file or you can export it as an image file that you can use just about anywhere else on the web.

Dopple Me

The final generator creator is a fast and easy one that creates a fun cartoon character kids will love. Doppel Me is named after the "doppelganger", the mythical ghostly double that looks identical to a living person. Basically, this tool lets you build an avatar that can serve as your virtual, online doppelganger!

online animated avatar generator
Create a Dopple Me Avatar

The selections available at this site are a little bit more limited than other sites, but because you can choose from a wide range of colors, you can still put together a very fun, high-quality avatar.

online animated avatar generator
Save Dopple Me Avatars

When you're done, just fill out a simple form with your email address and you'll have the option to save your avatar for use throughout the web, and all of the social networks that you visit.

Cartoon avatar generators like these are especially popular for kids that want to spend time online in a safe way, but many adults also make use of these sorts of generators because they'd rather not have their actual photo on the Internet. Whether you're an adult or a child, any of the avatar generators listed above should help you create the perfect avatar that represents who you are in a fun and interesting way.

Written June 22, 2011 by Ryan Dube


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09/03/2011 Cassie
That's really thniikng out of the box. Thanks!

09/03/2011 Cassie
That's really thniikng out of the box. Thanks!

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