Educational Freeware Links And Directories

Here you will find some links to other web sites that list and review educational shareware and freeware.
    Educational Freeware Links And Directories


60+ Educational Games And Games Resources

If you are looking for game sites to be used in education, the blog Free Technology For Teachers has a list that is a good place to start.
Read more... (11/18/2009)

Internet4classrooms - Lots Of Educational Links

Do you like, but you need many more links to educational resources? Try! This site has a huge collection of educational links: free worksheet sites, free software, interactive activities and much more!
Read more... (06/01/2009)

Schoolforge - Open Source for Windows, Linux and Mac lists open source software that are useful for both teachers and students. It offers both general software such as office tools and antivirus software, as well as edutainment software and games.
Read more... (10/05/2008)


Typing Tutors

This is a good list of links to the best shareware and freeware typing tutors.
Read more... (12/30/2005)

Download-Com, Educational Software for Windows

The Education section of the Cnet website is always a good place to look for educational software for Windows (both shareware and freeware). For each software title, you can read editoral reviews as well as user reviews.
Read more... (11/02/2005)

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