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The following learning software programs run in Spanish.


Anki Anki - Free Spaced Repetition Flashcards
Anki is a free spaced repetition flashcard program similar to SuperMemo available for several operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Edubuntu and Fedora. Read more... (03/30/2009)

Anne-Frank AnneFrank.org - The Anne Frank House Website Helps Keep the Memories Alive
Anne Frank was a young girl that, through the simple act of keeping a diary during one of Europe's most troubled times in history, provided the world with a terrible glimpse into World War II. At AnneFrank.org, you can learn a great deal about the life of this amazing young girl and her family's story. Read more... (05/24/2011)

Biogenesis Biogenesis - Bring Cell Biology Into the Classroom With the Biogenesis Microbiology Laboratory
Biogenesis introduces students to the fascinating world of molecular biology. The program literally simulates an actual microscopic world where living things - unicellular organisms - travel, collide, reproduce and die all in front of your eyes. Read more... (03/16/2012)

Brainpop Brainpop.com - 35 Free Educational Videos For Tweens
Brainpop.com is a subscription-based website, but it does have a collection of 35 free educational cartoon videos as well. Read more... (06/16/2009)

Busuu Busuu.com: Learn a Foreign Language With Help From Friends
Busuu is an impressive online community that combines some of the most useful lessons for learning a new language with social interactions that reinforce those lessons. Just imagine working through a unit on Spanish, German or French, and then instantly opening up a chat window and trying your new-found foreign language vocabulary on someone that is a native speaker of that language. Read more... (01/16/2011)

Celestia Celestia
Celestia es un software planetario gratuito que nos posibilita explorar el Universo en tres dimensiones, simular viajes a través de nuestro sistema solar, viajar a más de 100.000 estrellas de la vía láctea o incluso fuera de nuestra galaxia. Read more... (11/25/2005)

Childtopia Childtopia.com - A Kids Educational Dream
Childtopia.com is a huge collection of beautiful educational games, stories and worksheets. Play concentration games, Sudoku, Domino, musical memory games and much more. Read more... (11/14/2008)

Elbuhoboo Elbuhoboo.com - Delightful Toddlers Games
The new website Elbuhoboo.com uses charming Flash games with high quality illustrations to teach toddlers the basics of using the mouse and keyboard. Read more... (04/03/2010)

Explania Explania - Cientos de explicaciones animados
Bienvenido a Explania! Reloj cientos de explicaciones animados, tutoriales interactivos y videos de instrucción, y no dude en integrar en sus propias páginas web. Read more... (06/28/2013)

Gamesforthebrain Games For The Brain - Exercises For Mental Sharpness
On this website, you will find several small but quite difficult Java games and puzzles that gives your brain a bit of exercise - memorizing images, solving anagrams and answering trivia questions. Read more... (08/25/2006)

Gcompris GCompris
GCompris es un programa de cómputo educacional con diferentes actividades para niños entre 2 y 10 años de edad. Algunas actividades son como juegos, pero siempre son educacionales. Encontrarás algunas actividades dentro de los siguientes temas: Read more... (11/14/2011)

Geogebra GeoGebra
Software de matemática, libre, para enseñar y aprender. Gráficos interactivos, álgebra y planillas dinámicas. Read more... (12/29/2006)

Goodtyping Goodtyping.com - Free Multilingual Typing Course
On the free site goodtyping.com, you can learn how to type using 27 guided step-by-step lessons. The course is available in several languages, and you can choose between 18 different international keyboard layouts. Read more... (05/12/2009)

Google-Earth Google Earth - View The Earth From Space
Google Earth is an amazing piece of software displaying maps, 3D buildings and satellite images of the entire world. Highly recommended. Read more... (10/31/2005)

Graph Graph - Free Graph Plotting Software
This freeware draws graphs of mathematical functions in a coordinate system. Graphs may be plotted with different color and line styles. Both standard functions, parameter functions and polar functions are supported. Read more... (11/16/2005)

Chemistry-Lab IrYdium - Virtual Online Chemistry Lab
The amazing Virtual Laboratory IrYdium allows students to select from hundreds of standard reagents and manipulate them in a manner that resembles that of a real chemistry laboratory. It allows students to design and perform diverse experiments. Requires Java. Read more... (08/10/2006)

Klavaro Klavaro- Free Typing Tutor Software For Language Independent Learning
Klavaro is a free open source application that can teach students learn how to type. The beauty of this application is that it takes students through 4 stages of learning how to type in one simple application. All four stages are immediately displayed when you first install and run the program. Read more... (04/10/2012)

Logisim Logisim
Logisim es una herramienta de libre distribución (¡free-ware!) de diseño y simulación de circuitos lógicos digitales. Su intuitiva interfaz y su sencillo simulador permiten aprender con facilidad los conceptos básicos relacionados con la lógica de los circuitos digitales. Con la capacidad de construir grandes circuitos a partir de otros más simples, Logisim puede ser utilizado para el diseño de CPUs al completo con propósitos educativos. Read more... (11/21/2011)

Small-Basic Microsoft Small Basic - Simple Programming For Kids
Small Basic is a simplified version of Microsoft's programming language Visual Basic, suitable for kids and beginners. It includes dozens of lessons and exercises that explain basic programming concepts in detail. Read more... (04/04/2011)

Mingoville Mingoville.com - ESL (English As A Second Language) For Kids
In the flamingo city of Mingoville, kids can learn English as a second language for free the fun way in an instant immersion environment. Missions include body parts, numbers and letters, colours, nature and seasons and much more. Read more... (05/06/2009)

Minisebran Minisebran - Software gratis para niños de 2 a 6 años
Minisebran incluye ocho actividades diversas, entre las que propone ejercicios con siluetas, juegos sencillos para familiarizarse con los colores, los números y las letras. Read more... (11/30/2011)

Nlvm nlvm.usu.edu - Online Virtual Manipulatives
On the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives site, you will find a number of online Java math applets that teach numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis and probability. Read more... (04/14/2009)

Ooo4kids OOo4kids – Open Office for Kids
OOo4Kids is a scaled down version of Open Office for. It has a simple interface and fewer features than Open Office. OOo4Kids is geared towards the 7 – 12 age groups. Read more... (12/29/2010)

Openteacher OpenTeacher- Improve Your Students Language Vocabulary Words
OpenTeacher allows language teachers to develop customized vocabulary tests for students. The application is very easy to set up and use, and the tests themselves exist as individual files. So, once a teacher has created and saved a language vocabulary words test, the teacher can then distribute the file to all students to take the test. Read more... (04/10/2012)

Paint-Net Paint DotNet - Free Photoshop Clone
This excellent free Photoshop-look-alike lets you edit and manipulate photos, or create digital art. It supports layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools Read more... (01/09/2006)

Toon-Books Professorgarfield.org - Online Children's Books In English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese
The website professorgarfield.org offers free online online cartoon books in several languages. You can read the books on screen, or have them read out loud to you in English, French, Spanish, Russian or Mandarin. This is great for learning to read, or for learning foreign languages. Read more... (10/18/2010)

Ptable ptable.com - Dynamic Periodic Table Of Elements
On the website ptable.com, you find a feature-rich interactive periodic table of elements created in XHTML. Each element links directly to a Wikpedia page that describes it in detail, including density, melting point, appearance, occurrence and much more. Read more... (05/12/2009)

Rapid-Typing Rapidtyping.com - Learn and Practice Typing
Fast typing is a skill that is extremely useful in life, although not all children get properly trained in typing. While many schools often try to offer typing to some degree, usually funding and resource limitations either limit or prevent typing classes. Read more... (05/03/2010)

Rekentest Rekentest - Free Educational Software To Practice Arithmetic Skills
RekenTest is an arithmetic quiz program that tests your skills in operations such as addition and subtraction, the multiplication tables, decimals, money problems, percentages and fractions. Read more... (09/24/2010)

Robomind Robomind - Program A Robot
In Robomind you can learn basic programming concepts by programming a robot which moves around on a map.RoboMind is completely free for both individual as well as educational and commercial use. Read more... (05/23/2007)

Childsplay Schoolsplay.org - Free Educational Games
Childsplay is a suite of educational games for young children (approximately between 3 and 10 years old). Just like Gcompris, it is both freeware and open source, and is available for Linux as well as for Windows. Read more... (08/19/2006)

Scratch scratch.mit.edu - Let Kids Program Their Own Games and Animations
Scratch is a programming environment for beginners, where kids can use a simple programming syntax to create their own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art, and share their creations on the web Read more... (06/06/2008)

Sebrans-Abc Sebran's ABC - Un programa para computador gratis, para niños
En Sebran's ABC's, imágenes vívidas, música agradable y juegos sencillos, le enseñaran a los niños como leer y escribir. El programa está diseñado para funcionar en diferentes idiomas, incluyendo inglés, francés, español y alemán. Read more... (11/29/2011)

Selingua Selingua - Learn Swedish, French, German and Spanish
Selingua is a vocabulary training program with extensive built-in dictionaries -- more than 2000 words in each of the following languages: English (both American and British), German, Spanish, French and Swedish. Read more... (08/21/2006)

Selingua-Java Selingua In Java - Learn Vocabulary Online
Selingua In Java is a Java applet that helps you learn 2000 words in French, German, Spanish or Swedish or English (ESL). Read more... (10/31/2005)

Touch-Type Sense-lang.org - Free Touch Typing Practice
In this online typing exercise, you can either practice a text of your own choice, or choose between 15 different lessons. When you strike the wrong key, animation will show you where the key is and which finger to use. Read more... (02/15/2006)

Seterra Seterra - un Juego gratuito de Mapas
Utilizando el juego gratuito Seterra, usted aprenderá la geografía de Europa, la localización de los estados de EE.UU. y las capitales de los estados, las provincias de China, países, banderas y capitales de África, Sudamérica y Asia, montañas, volcanes y mucho más. Read more... (09/26/2011)

Simutrans Simutrans - Simulador de Transportes
Simutrans es un simulador de redes de transportes. Con él puedes construir y gestionar un red de transporte de mercancías, pasajeros y correo, ganando dinero y desarrollando ciudades. Read more... (01/11/2012)

Statplanet StatPlanet
Mapas y graficos interactivos. Read more... (11/03/2008)

Thatquiz Thatquiz.org - Create Online Math Exams And Tests
Thatquiz.org is an online assessment tool useful for teachers and home schoolers. It can be used with any subject, but is especially useful for math practice and testing.Teachers can create individualized tests, or access a public test library. Read more... (08/03/2009)

Thegreatplantescape The Great Plant Escape - Teach Kids Plant Science
The Great Plant Escape is an interactive website that teaches plant science using mystery cases that students must solve. It was created by the University of Illinois Extension for fourth and fifth grade students. Read more... (06/02/2008)

Timez-Attack Timez Attack - Learn Multiplication
Chase dangerous monsters, wind your way through dark tunnels - all while you learn your multiplication! Timez Attack is a first person shooter game where you use math to fight your opponents instead of weapons! Read more... (06/25/2011)

Tux-Type Tux Typing - Typing For Children
Tux Typing provides an action-filled experience for kids who want to learn how to type. In the various exercises, letters or words come falling down from space. The task is to type them as quick as possible, earning the highest score with the most typed. Read more... (01/12/2006)

Typingweb Typingweb.com - Free Typing Lessons
Typingweb.com is a free online keyboarding tutorial that helps you learn proper typing technique and increase your typing speed. No registration or download is required to use Typingweb. Read more... (06/05/2009)

Wikipedia Wikipedia - Enciclopedia libre
Wikipedia es una enciclopedia libre y políglota de la Fundación Wikimedia (una organización sin ánimo de lucro). Sus más de 20 millones de artículos en 282 idiomas y dialectos han sido redactados conjuntamente por voluntarios de todo el mundo Read more... (12/15/2007)

Literacy-Center www.literacycenter.net - Basic Reading and Counting
At the free website www.literacycenter.net, you will find a good collection of online basic reading and counting activities that teach shapes, keyboard, letters, numbers etc. Read more... (11/02/2005)

Tux-Paint www.tuxpaint.org - Free Drawing Software for Kids
Tux Paint is a free drawing program for kids which, can run both in full-screen mode and in a window. It has a configuration section with many options, and supports a variety of different languages. Read more... (11/25/2011)


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