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Periodic Table Classic - Free Periodic Table Software

As students learn about the elements, Periodic Table Classic can help them understand the Periodic Table a little more. The interactive software provides students with detailed information about each element. Images of the elements in their natural state are also included.

Which Version Should I Choose?

You can choose to download one of the three main versions: classic, mini and explorer. The classic version is the recommended version and the only one you really need to consider. While the Explorer version has a smaller file size, it makes the application more complicated than necessary and takes away from its overall value. For students, the features that matter are not the ability to customize the look and feel of the application, but the actual information the application contains.

When you first open the application after installing it, you see a box labeled “On this day…” which contains random information about scientists and the Periodic Table that happened on a specific day in history. While interesting, it also takes away from the application and unless you have particular interest in when specific scientists were born and when they died, unselect the “Show at startup” box.

On this day…

Once you get to the actual application, it is fairly easy to use. Simply click on an element of the Periodic Table and review the information that appears in the right-hand column. The information is well-categorized and makes it easy to find the basic information about the element, along with its sources, history and uses. Advanced chemistry students can quickly access information such as the element’s isotopes and compounds. Videos and images are also available for each element.

Free Periodic Table Software
The actual Periodic Table Classic software

Unique Features

In addition to basic information about each element, the Periodic Table 3.8.5 application also offers some unique features. For example, instead of viewing the traditional Periodic Table, you can view the elements in the table graphed by atomic mass and see animated images of each element’s shell structure. An interactive map allows you to click on a country to see the elements found there.

Another useful and somewhat unique element is the toolbox. Contained in the toolbox are multiple pieces of information designed to help with the study of chemistry. The equations tab contains a selection of formulas and constants, such as Avogadro’s Law, accompanied by explanations for their use. When you click on the constants tab, you will find constant numbers to help with chemistry problems. Using the compounds tab, you can find an alphabetical and searchable listing of hundreds of compounds.

Application Toolbox: Compounds

Who Does it Benefit?

Perhaps the best feature of the Periodic Table 3.8.5 application is its ability to appeal to multiple audiences. While students in upper elementary school who are just beginning to learn about the Periodic Table may not understand the wealth of information the application contains, they will benefit from the images and history of the elements, as well as the main view of the Periodic Table. At the same time, those studying chemistry at the advanced level will benefit from the wealth of information about each element and the more general formulas, constants and search options.

Written August 20, 2012 by Stacy Zeiger


User Reviews & Comments

12/16/2017 JAMES KARIUKI
MY daughter loves sciences and she enjoyed using this software

I am a Physics and Chemistry teacher and I need a software to help me teach this subject to advanced level students. Thanks

04/21/2015 Manjula
Thenupa is my son. He won't to learn this software. because of he like this it.

11/06/2014 deepak sharma
i am a biology teacher and i want some sftware to teach biology.

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