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Kidlogger: Monitor Classroom Computer Activities

A classroom computer should be carefully monitored for all activity that takes place on it, so that teachers can review the activity to make sure that it falls within the acceptable use as defined by both the school and the parents. A useful, free and open source application that can help with that is an application called KidLogger.

On older computer systems, running this software as normal should work. However, after installing it on a Windows 7 machine, you may need to right click and specifically tell the computer to run it as Administrator. This insures that the software has the access it needs to take screenshots, record sounds and log the data to the local hard drive.

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Run Software as Administrator

keystroke logger
Keystroke Logger Control Panel

When you first launch Kid Logger, the initial screen that opens is the control panel. This is where you'll set up how the software runs and what it monitors on the PC. It's important to understand that this is a very lightweight monitoring program. It's perfect for kindergarten up through second or third grade, but beyond that children will be clever enough to find and uninstall the logging software if they want to.

The control panel is where you'll configure what to log, where to store the log files, view the actual log files, and it's also where you initiate the logging itself. The right place to start is the "Options…" button.

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General Options

In the general options area is where you can configure exactly what the software will monitor. Logging keystrokes and text that gets copied to the clipboard is fairly standard for most key loggers, but this software can also log when someone puts a removable USB storage device (like a memory stick) into the computer. There are even more items that the logger can capture on the other options tabs.

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E-mail Options

Under e-mail options, you can configure how the software delivers log files to a remote area. You can simply use the software to log files to the local hard drive, but this runs the risk of letting one of the kids find the files and delete them. Instead you can set up the software to either email the log files to you, or send them up to your own personal kidlogger.net account.

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Sound Recording

Another impressive logging feature of this software is that it can actually record whenever the computer microphone is being used. This means that if anyone uses the computer to have voice conversations through Skype or any other voice-enabled IM software, Kidlogger will actually record that conversation. You can set the volume level of input sound before the software starts recording.

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Screen Capturing

Another impressive feature is that you can set up the software to actually take a screen capture on certain triggers. The trigger can be as simple as a timed interval, or it can be whenever the computer user types in certain word or words. The software can even be set up to specifically look for when Skype video calls are in progress and start taking screenshots at that point. This is a useful feature for parents that are concerned about their pre-teen's use of the Internet.

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Free Kidlogger Account

You can also register for a free account at KidLogger so that you can send log files to an Internet based location that only you have password protected access to. With the free, basic account, you are allowed to connect two devices and store 50 Megabytes of data per device, for up to 5 days worth of logging.

The account gives you a place where you can quickly view the log files, the screen shots and even the video that's captured by the software. This makes it easy for teachers to keep tabs on the use of the computer in their classroom even when they aren't at the school. This not only provides teachers with good oversight over computer use, but it provides parents with peace of mind, knowing that their child's computer use in the school is being carefully monitored and protected.

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Viewing Log Files

Viewing the log files after running the software for just a little while reveals just how much the software can record. For example, it shows all text that gets copied and pasted to and from the clipboard, as well as every program that gets opened up and even when things like the Start menu gets clicked. The log file records just about everything the computer user does.

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Internet Logs

The KidLogger software isn't specifically written to log Internet activity. For that, you'll need Internet logging software. However, KidLogger will record every URL that the child types into the location bar, or it'll record ever search typed into the search engine. Specific websites visited aren't recorded, but all keystrokes are, and those often provide more insight into Internet use than the actual website locations do.

This software is easy enough to install and use that just about any parent or teacher should be able to take advantage of it. KidLogger may not be the sort of cloaked or hidden software that runs deeply embedded into the background like some of the more expensive applications out there, but for younger children that are not quite as computer savvy as older kids, this software will do the trick.

Written January 10, 2010 by Ryan Dube


User Reviews & Comments

12/27/2011 dina
porque instale el kidlogger,pero no me permite ver las contraseñas de hotmail o facebook ,es que no sirve para eso o que es lo que estoy haciendo mal...

12/27/2011 dina
porque instale el kidlogger,pero no me permite ver las contraseñas de hotmail o facebook ,es que no sirve para eso o que es lo que estoy haciendo mal...

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