Looking for College Scholarship Money? Try These Five Sites

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, average costs for college tuition and board in 2010-2011 ranged from $13,600 at public institutions to $36,300 at private institutions. The economic challenges still facing many families have made the search for scholarship money more relevant than ever. Fortunately, online tools and scholarship directories have facilitated the process of finding these sources of funding. Read more...
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Goodtyping.com - Free Multilingual Typing Course

On the free site goodtyping.com, you can learn how to type using 27 guided step-by-step lessons. The course is available in several languages, and you can choose between 18 different international keyboard layouts.
Read more... (05/12/2009)


Mingoville.com - ESL (English As A Second Language) For Kids

In the flamingo city of Mingoville, kids can learn English as a second language for free the fun way in an instant immersion environment. Missions include body parts, numbers and letters, colours, nature and seasons and much more.
Read more... (05/06/2009)


Glencoe's Online Keyboarding Tutor

Glencoe's Online Keyboarding tutor by McGraw-Hill is excellent for people of all ages who want to learn how to type. The course is divided into 16 individual typing lessons and are broken down to include home row, space bar, numbers and symbols, caps lock and other punctuation marks.
Read more... (05/04/2009)


sfskids.org - Fun Music Lab For Kids

On the free website sfskids.org, kids can learn about musical notation, tempo, rythm and much more. The can also find out more about instruments of the orchestra: string, woodwinds, brass and percussion.
Read more... (04/26/2009)


e-Learning for Kids Free Typing Tutor

e-Learning for Kids Keyboarding Skills is a free Internet course for children wanting to improve their typing skills. The goal of the program is to earn medals and trophies while participating in the Type-E-Chi Virtual Typing Tournament.
Read more... (04/23/2009)


RoytheZebra.com: Guided Reading and Reading Games

RoytheZebra.com is a literacy website that includes free interactive reading games, stories, and resources to help emerging readers. The fun interactive reading games focus on early literacy concepts such as capital letters, high frequency words, alphabetical order and many more.
Read more... (04/21/2009)


Literactive.com - Interactive Books, Worksheets, and Activities

Literactive.com is a wonderful literacy resource for children and teachers. The site contains a multitude of interactive story books and materials that can be used at home or in the classroom.
Read more... (04/17/2009)


nlvm.usu.edu - Online Virtual Manipulatives

On the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives site, you will find a number of online Java math applets that teach numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis and probability.
Read more... (04/14/2009)


Phet - Interactive Science Simulations

The website http://phet.colorado.edu hosts a large number of java-based educational simulations teaching chemistry, physics, math, biology and earth science.
Read more... (04/06/2009)


Fun4thebrain.com - Math And Reading Games With Rewards

On the free site funforthebrain.com, kids get to solve math problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). If they get the answers right, they will earn rewards such as new clothes for a dress-up-doll or new colors for a coloring page.
Read more... (04/06/2009)


Anki - Free Spaced Repetition Flashcards

Anki is a free spaced repetition flashcard program similar to SuperMemo available for several operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Edubuntu and Fedora.
Read more... (03/30/2009)


byki.com - Free Language Flashcards

Do you want to learn basic vocabulary in a new language, for free? On byki.com, you can download a free flashcard program, Byki 4 Express for Windows or Mac, that lets you learn words in multitude of languages.
Read more... (03/27/2009)


Toytheater.com - Music, Art, Reading Math and Games for Kids!

Toytheater.com is an interactive website for kids with lots of activites. For example, you will find the Animation Station, where children can draw their own animated drawings, and the Composer, where kids compose and play their own music.
Read more... (03/19/2009)


Favorite Shidonni.com Makes Drawings Come to Life!

Shidonni.com is an incredible interactive website for kids aged 4-10 that lets your child create animals, animate them, and so much more! Shidonni.com offers a great free service for children that allows them to express their creativity and imagination both at home and in the classroom.
Read more... (03/17/2009)


NetSmartzKids.org: Interactive Internet Safety Resources for Children and Students

NetSmartz.org is multi-faceted internet safety website from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC). NetSmartzKids.org, a section of NetSmartz.org, is designed specifically for kids and includes tons of age-appropriate interactive and printable materials.
Read more... (03/03/2009)


Handipoints.com: Free chore charts, virtual world, and more!

Can't get your child off Webkinz or Club Penguin to do their chores? Then you should check out Handipoints.com! Handipoints.com is a free website geared toward children ages 4 to 12 that allows parents to create and manage chore charts and reward systems, as well as offering a safe, virtual world for kids to play in.
Read more... (02/11/2009)


Dance Mat Typing - A Cool Free Typing Tutor

In BBC's online typing school Dance Mat Typing, you meet a cartoon goat and other cool, exotic animated animals that help you learn typing. A fun way for kids to learn keyboarding!
Read more... (02/02/2009)


Typeracer.com - Online Typing Race

At Typeracer.com, you are matched against random human opponents, and you race to see who is the fastest typist. Typeracers is available both online and as a Facebook application.
Read more... (02/02/2009)


Novelgames.com - Healthy Family-Friendly Flash Games

Novelgames.com has a very nice collection of non-violent online flash games. Here, you can find puzzle games, variations of Sudoku, logic games, typing games and educational games.
Read more... (01/30/2009)


Favorite Tutpup.com: Online Spelling and Math Competitions

Tutpup.com is a free educational website that allows kids to play timed math or spelling games against competitors from around the world- in real time! Tutpup.com is geared toward children ages 5 to 14, and it also has great potential for use in the classroom.
Read more... (01/24/2009)

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