Looking for College Scholarship Money? Try These Five Sites

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, average costs for college tuition and board in 2010-2011 ranged from $13,600 at public institutions to $36,300 at private institutions. The economic challenges still facing many families have made the search for scholarship money more relevant than ever. Fortunately, online tools and scholarship directories have facilitated the process of finding these sources of funding. Read more...
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Kneebouncers.com - Fun Keyboard Games For Tiny Toddlers

Kneebouncers.com is a site with flash games for the "itty bitty ones", i.e toddlers and babies. All the games are very simple - all you need to do is to press any key on the keyboard. Using the mouse is not necessary, making this game perfect for kids 1-3 years old.
Read more... (10/11/2010)


Favorite SecretBuilders.com: A Safe, Unique Virtual World for Children

SecretBuilders.com is a safe, unique virtual world for children ages 5 to 14 years old that lets children learn through stories and themes, quests, games and activities, videos, writings, and art.
Read more... (10/08/2010)


Rekentest - Free Educational Software To Practice Arithmetic Skills

RekenTest is an arithmetic quiz program that tests your skills in operations such as addition and subtraction, the multiplication tables, decimals, money problems, percentages and fractions.
Read more... (09/24/2010)


Mission-us.org - A Historic Educational Game about the American Revolution

At Mission U.S., a brand new online history game, you have an opportunity to enter into the world of 1770 Boston, in colonial America, when some of the colonists were still loyal to the Crown, while the Patriots began drumming up support for the opposition.
Read more... (09/20/2010)


Seussville.com - Where Dr. Seuss Educates and Entertains

The website Seusville.com offers activities, printables, lesson plans, games and much more. If you love Dr. Seuss stories and books, you will love this educational and entertaining online resource.
Read more... (09/13/2010)


Math Live - Where Kids Can Learn Math Problem Solving Skills

As a method to help teachers in Alberta, Canada come up with new and innovative ways to help kids in the classroom learn math, the Government of Alberta came up with an online math problem solving resource called Math Live.
Read more... (09/06/2010)


CarrotSticks.com - An Entertaining Math Game For Kids

Even though the math quiz game Carrotsticks.com is filled with mathematical quiz-work that most students would frown upon in school, it is organized in such a creative way that the act of figuring out math problems quickly becomes a form of entertainment.
Read more... (08/31/2010)


http://www.bbc.co.uk - Learn or Improve Your English with BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is a web portal for anyone interested in learning or improving upon their English skills. The portal is a tremendous resource for studying English. It offers English language news video, learning games, references like free podcasts and crosswords, and much more.
Read more... (08/23/2010)


Whizkidgames.com - Teaching Autistic Children Life Skills

The educational needs for autistic children are very unique, and the need to teach such children about important life skills is a critical part of their development. Thankfully, there is now a free resource called WhizKidGames.com that makes that job a lot easier.
Read more... (08/16/2010)


SpellingCity.com - Help Students Ace Their Spelling Tests

SpellingCity.com offers tools for both teachers and students that make the entire process of learning how to spell new words much easier and far more efficient.
Read more... (08/04/2010)


Glencoe Online - Explore Virtual Math Manipulatives

Virtual math manipulatives is a new creative technique to teach children many of the core principles of mathematics. The folks at the McGraw Hill School Education Group have created an amazing tool as part of their educational resource called Glencoe Online.
Read more... (07/09/2010)


Sadlier-oxford.com - Enhancing Literacy With Phonics Games

For teachers, students and their parents, Sadlier-Oxford Phonics is one online resource where literacy education can be enhanced with fun and interactive phonics activities and games.
Read more... (07/08/2010)


Timtim.com - Free Online Coloring Pages and Clipart

Timtim.com is a free clipart collection of drawings for children, teachers, parents, schools, churches, charities, and private individuals in need of images for coloring, decorating, greeting cards, or learning for non-commercial projects. The site also has a great online coloring book.
Read more... (06/22/2010)


www.bbc.co.uk/languages - Learn a Foreign Language

BBC languages is a web portal for anyone interested in learning or improving upon a new language. The portal covers about 36 languages and includes comprehensive areas that offer courses, foreign language television, learning games, references like photographs and crosswords, and even an entire area devoted to foreign language teachers and tutors.
Read more... (06/17/2010)


MemoryLifter - An Automated Flash Card System That Helps You Remember

If you or your child need to remember information for an upcoming test or exam, the free Memory Lifter automated flash card system may be the answer. Memory Lifter is a free flash card program that presents flash cards using various sensory outputs and using a special display technique that enhances a student's ability to remember.
Read more... (06/16/2010)


GameGoo - Fun and Entertaining Learning Games for Kids

The Gaming Goo learning website presents educational activities where young children can find fun and exciting games that teach important skills they will need in school.
Read more... (06/07/2010)


Power Tab - Free Guitar Tab Software for Teaching or Fun

The Power Tab Editor is freeware that lets you generate or compose any sort of music that you want. The music is portrayed on normal musical notation at the top, and tabular notation on the bottom. It allows you to write any kind of music that you like, and then it will play it back to you in MIDI format.
Read more... (06/01/2010)


WordWeb - A Free Dictionary Program for Kids or Adults

WordWeb is a free tool that you can install on any of your home computers or your laptop, and it provides you with a powerful tool for looking up words, finding synonyms and more. Best of all, WordWeb can handle a number of different languages, which is more than many paid dictionaries offer.
Read more... (05/24/2010)


Funschool.kaboose.com - Educational Games Site That Has Everything in One Place

The FunSchool site is a fantastic Kaboose offering that accumulates a wide variety of educational games in one place. The games are organized into four basic themes, or areas, and these areas are broken down into subcategories so that the entire site is very easy to navigate, even for a child.
Read more... (05/20/2010)


Rapidtyping.com - Learn and Practice Typing

Fast typing is a skill that is extremely useful in life, although not all children get properly trained in typing. While many schools often try to offer typing to some degree, usually funding and resource limitations either limit or prevent typing classes.
Read more... (05/03/2010)

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