Looking for College Scholarship Money? Try These Five Sites

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, average costs for college tuition and board in 2010-2011 ranged from $13,600 at public institutions to $36,300 at private institutions. The economic challenges still facing many families have made the search for scholarship money more relevant than ever. Fortunately, online tools and scholarship directories have facilitated the process of finding these sources of funding. Read more...
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Scootpad.com - Boost Math and Reading Skills

Children in kindergarten through fifth grade can use ScootPad to boost their math and reading skills. The fun, interactive website features games, questions and activities. Kids participate in a self-paced, personalized program that helps make building math and reading skills an engaging process.
Read more... (11/05/2012)


Historypin.com - View Historic Images on Maps

A virtual interactive timeline, History Pin gives users a new way to experience history. With this tool, users pin photos to a virtual map and share the stories behind the photos. The map can then be searched by place or time to discover what others have shared.
Read more... (10/22/2012)


Kiteedu.com - A Multi-Dimensional Teacher Tool

The nationwide implementation of Common Core standards poses new challenges to educators. Lessons and activities need to be aligned and assessed with constant regard for the new standards. Kite, which describes itself as "the premier toolset for the modern teacher" is a free collection of resources to help teachers create, grade and monitor student progress in connection with the Common Core standards.
Read more... (10/18/2012)


Do2learn.com - Resources for Children With Special Needs

Finding resources for children with special needs can be difficult. Do2Learn provides parents and children with special needs the educational and behavioral resources they need. These resources include worksheets, advice, computer-based instruction and educational games to help students with disabilities such as autism, attention deficit disorder and other learning, emotional and behavior disorders.
Read more... (10/18/2012)


Highlights for Children Goes Beyond the Magazine

Highlights is a very popular educational magazine for kids that provides stories, games and lots of great content children love. The online offerings at the Highlights Magazine website provides kids with everything from picture stories, coloring pages, crafts, science experiments and so much more.
Read more... (10/08/2012)


RADLab - Teach Radioactivity in the Classroom

Installed on a classroom computer or as a freeware application that your students can install on their own computer, the RADLab provides a way to perform radiation experience without risking actual radiation exposure in the classroom.
Read more... (10/03/2012)


Chockadoc.com - View Documentaries Online

A great documentary can bring a subject to life. Chockadoc helps teachers and students delve further into subjects by offering a large selection of free documentaries. Over 2,000 documentaries are offered by Chockadoc. They range from biographies and other educational documentaries to those focused on sports and the performing arts.
Read more... (10/03/2012)


Rubistar - An Efficient Tool for Creating Rubrics

The current assessment-driven climate requires teachers to continually examine and evaluate student work. Rubrics are an effective way to grade projects and activities using specific, measurable criteria. Creating rubrics can be challenging. However, Rubistar provides teachers with an easy-to-use structure for creating them.
Read more... (09/28/2012)


Aplusclick.com - Free Math and Logic Problems

For math and logic problems, A+ Click is the place to go. The website features a large selection of interactive math problems for first through 12th grade. Problems cover multiple areas of math, including geometry, algebra, data analysis and general numbers and operations. All problems contain visual illustrations to make them easier for children to solve.
Read more... (09/28/2012)


Storybird.com - For Aspiring Writers and Avid Readers

Teachers, students, artists and writers will all find something to love about Storybird, a literary site which encourages collaboration and sharing of original stories. Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print.
Read more... (09/21/2012)


Mathisfun.com - Free Math Games, Lessons And Dictionary

Math is not fun for a lot of kids, but Math Is Fun seeks to change that. It offers games, a math dictionary and basic math lessons to help kids learn math. Content is geared toward students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Some basic worksheets are also included to download for extra practice.
Read more... (09/11/2012)


Physicsclassroom.com: A Comprehensive Resource for Teachers and Students

PhysicsClassroom.com offers a wide range of extensive resources such as tutorials, animations, review questions and teacher tools which will facilitate the process of studying the exciting and complex world of physics.
Read more... (09/03/2012)


iTunesU.com - Take Free University Courses and Expand Your Horizons

iTunesU is exactly what it sounds like - a University course system that is integrated into iTunes itself. Think podcasting for professors. iTunesU can help you to constantly fortify your level of knowledge with lectures and courses across a wide variety of subjects.
Read more... (09/03/2012)


Timetoast.com - Create Interactive Timelines

Creating timelines just got a little bit easier and more interactive with Timetoast . This timeline creation tool allows you to put together timelines online and share them by embedding the timeline on your website, tweeting or e-mailing a link or sharing the timeline on Facebook.
Read more... (08/27/2012)


Periodic Table Classic - Free Periodic Table Software

As students learn about the elements, Periodic Table Classic can help them understand the Periodic Table a little more. The interactive software provides students with detailed information about each element. Images of the elements in their natural state are also included.
Read more... (08/20/2012)


Udacity.com - Connect With Top University Instructors

Udacity.com puts a spin on higher learning by veering from the traditional lecture format. Users are connected with top university instructors and, instead of lectures, are presented with projects to complete or problems to solve. All courses are free and open and range from the beginner to the advanced level.
Read more... (08/17/2012)


EdX.org - Free Online Courses From Harvard, Berkeley and MIT

Take free online courses from top universities through EdX . Founded by Harvard and MIT, the application features courses from both universities as well as the University of California - Berkeley. Only seven free courses related to science and technology are currently offered, but finishing them will earn you a certificate of completion from the university where the course originated.
Read more... (08/17/2012)


Engrade - A Free Online Grade Book Full of Great Features

Engrade is a highly secure, user-friendly program which streamlines and simplifies the record-keeping process. And it includes optional features to help you manage several other aspects of teaching, learning, and record-keeping.
Read more... (08/08/2012)


Coursera.org - 100 Free Massive Open Online Courses

Coursera.org offers college and university courses online for free. Courses are taught through videos from top professors from around 16 of the world’s best universities. There are 16 different subject areas offered on topics such as Humanities, Medicine, Biology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Business and Computer Science.
Read more... (08/07/2012)


Language is a Virus - Make Teaching Poetry More Fun

Languageisavirus.com, aside from offering many well-written and insightful articles about the field of creative writing, also provides a list of online tools that can actually help students come up with some very creative poetry, even if they are having a difficult time getting started with writing poems.
Read more... (08/06/2012)

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