Looking for College Scholarship Money? Try These Five Sites

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, average costs for college tuition and board in 2010-2011 ranged from $13,600 at public institutions to $36,300 at private institutions. The economic challenges still facing many families have made the search for scholarship money more relevant than ever. Fortunately, online tools and scholarship directories have facilitated the process of finding these sources of funding. Read more...
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Thecolor.com - Free Online Coloring Sheets

The website Thecolor.com has hundereds of online coloring pages for kids to color. The finished paintings can be printed or emailed a friend, or you can print out the uncolored pages to color by hand.
Read more... (01/23/2009)


Factmonster.com - Information and Homework Help for Children

Factmonster.com is a free reference website where kids can get help with their homework, search for facts on thousands of subjects, or do quizzes and crosswords.
Read more... (01/18/2009)


fantasticcontraption.com - Online Physics Puzzle Game

In the fun Flash game Fantastic Contraption, you solve levels by building clever machines using rotating wheels and rods.
Read more... (01/16/2009)


Mathway.com - Solve Equations Online Step-by-Step

On the website mathway.com, you can enter a maths problem such as 2ln(-x)+7=14 and get a solution, plus an explanation in natural language of how that solution can be reached.
Read more... (01/16/2009)


Enchantedlearning.com - Picture Dictionary for Kids

The enchantedlearning.com website offers a huge amount of encyclopaedic information, handouts and printouts for children.
Read more... (01/13/2009)


Visiblebody.com - View The Human Body In 3D

On the free Visiblebody.com website, you can examine the human body in detail. Inspect the skeleton, muscles, the heart, the lungs, the skin and much more. Registration is required.
Read more... (01/08/2009)


Alice.org - Learn 3D Object Oriented Programming

Alice.org provides a friendly 3D drag-and-drop interface for learning the basics of object oriented programming. In Alice version 3.0, Java coding will be added in cooperation with Sun Microsystems.
Read more... (12/30/2008)


Teachertube.com - Educational Videos and Lesson Plans

Teachertube is a video sharing website similar to Youtube, where users can upload educational videos and lesson plans.
Read more... (12/15/2008)


Favorite Childtopia.com - A Kids Educational Dream

Childtopia.com is a huge collection of beautiful educational games, stories and worksheets. Play concentration games, Sudoku, Domino, musical memory games and much more.
Read more... (11/14/2008)


www.amathsdictionaryforkids.com - A Maths Dictionary for Kids

This colorful online math dictionary for children explains key math terms and concepts in a simple, straightforward manner.
Read more... (11/12/2008)


StatPlanet - Interactive Data Visualization through Maps and Graphs

Statplanet is a free data visualization tool that lets you discover facts about world development using colored maps and graphs.
Read more... (11/03/2008)


Writing Fun - Use Text Organizers

The website Writing Fun helps students organize their writing using text organizers and a simple word processor. Examples and printables are provided with each organizer.
Read more... (11/01/2008)

Favorite Seterra Geography Tutor 3.0 - Learn World Geography

A very nice, and free, geography teaching package. Covers all parts of the world. Includes quizzes and map exercises. Runs in several different languages. Each exercise has a high score list.
Read more... (10/31/2008)


Schoolforge.net - Open Source for Windows, Linux and Mac

Schoolforge.net lists open source software that are useful for both teachers and students. It offers both general software such as office tools and antivirus software, as well as edutainment software and games.
Read more... (10/05/2008)


coolmath4kids.com - An Amusement Park Of Math

Coolmath4kids.com is a colorful website that makes learning maths fun for kids. It has a number of online maths lessons, and activites and games that measure your progress.
Read more... (10/01/2008)


Funbrain.com - Math Arcade Game for Kids

At www.funbrain.com there is a fun math game collection, MathArcade. The game collection consists of 25 games, and upon winning one game, you receive a password. The password allows you to return later and resume your game where you left off.
Read more... (09/28/2008)


www.periodicvideos.com - Learn Chemistry From Youtube Videos

This website offers one interesting and entertaining Youtube video for each element in the periodic table of elements.
Read more... (09/20/2008)


Microsoft Worldwide Telescope - Teach Astronomy

Worldwide Telescope is a free Microsoft application that lets you travel through outer space. You can pan in and zoom in close to moons, planets, solar systems and galaxies. Images are taken from the Hubble Space Telescope and ten earth-bound telescopes.
Read more... (09/01/2008)


Babbel.com - Learn French, German, Italian, Spanish or English (ESL)

Babbel.com is a great website and community that lets you learn French, German, Italian, Spanish or English. You can also use the site to find new online friends or language partners that speak the language you want to learn.
Read more... (08/21/2008)


Babysmash - Computer Play For Toddlers

Baby Smash is a free keyboard banger game for very young kids (ages 1-3 years). It disables all system keys such as ctrl-esc, alt-tab and the Windows key, so that the kids do not exit the program accidentally or harm the computer.
Read more... (08/03/2008)

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